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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Good News.....

As per central Govt. rule, eligibilty criteria for diploma holders to sit in LICE is 5 years and for BE holders is 3 years. But in our dept. it is 10 years for us.
Those who are getting higher qualification , they must gain
incentives but our dept. not providing us. Now full supporting documents is with us and management is compel to fulfil our rights. Everything will uploaded in details later....
B Narendrasingh


Following Delegates are selected to attain fourth SNATTA AIC at GOA from our Circle.
1-Banabihari Narendrasingh, 2-Jagadish Paul, 3-Probir Sikdar, 4-Jaynta Mishra, 5-Amit ku Singha, 6-Amit Khan, 7-Ashok Ghosh, 8-Bireswar Mondal, 9-Pranab ku Das.
All members are requested to convey their problems and proposals to raise their local delegates at goa AIC.
all delegates are requested to make them ready for AIC in all respects.
B Narendrasingh

Saturday, August 14, 2010


SNATTA Salute to every devoted soldier of INDEPENDENCE and the soldier who devoted his life to save our INDIA....


Friday, August 13, 2010

Notice For Asst. CS of SNATTAWB

Responsibility of Asst. Circle Secretaries are fixed for the following SSAs.
For Anirban Choudhari-
1.Kol 2.KNG 3.BHR 4.MLD 5.JLP 6.CHB 7.RNG

For Rakesh Kumar Saha

B Narendrsingh

Important NOTICE

On 18 / 08 /2010 i.e. Wednesday , Time : 12 noon . All the Delegates for AIC will purchase their Ticket for Goa .
Date of Journey 30-09-2010
Train : Amrabati Express,
Train No : 8047 .
From :Howrah (HWH) to Vasco Da Gama (VSG)

Prabir Sikdar/CS/SNATTAWB

Secretarial Speech :

First of all I’m very much thankful to all the DRTTAs , that they have chosen me in such a responsible post i.e. CS of West Bengal SNATTA.

I would like to congratulate all my colleagues who were also chosen in Circle Body.

This is my promise to all DRTTAs of WB and SIKIM .

1. Each and every member of SNATTA WB CIRCLE will get same importance and all the information will share equally whether they are active participant or not .

2. I will always gladly accept all the NEW and CREATIVE ideas to make SNATTA strong.

3. I will always try to protect all the DRTTAs if any unlawful activity happen with them.

4. I will put max. thrust for getting Fitment Benefit or something like that .


Probir Sikder, CS WBSNATTA.

Appreciative work done by Krishnanagar SSA

Secratary of Krishnanagar SSA mr. Amit Khan with his executive members have a introductary meet with GM/KSH, DE/Admn, Divisional secretary of BSNLEU, Secretary of SNEA, Secy. of AIBSNLEA, Secy. of AIGETOA yesterday. All appreciates them and promised for best cooperation with them.
SNATTAWB appreciates their work and expect from other SSA to have such kind of associative work.
B Narendrasingh

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outcomes of Meeting held with SNATTA & BSNLEU

A meeting was held on 10-08-2010 at CTO Building with Circle Body members of SNATTA and CS of BSNLEU, Com. Animesh Mitra. It was an introductory meeting with Circle Secretary. Mr. Probir Sikder raised three demands to CS, BSNLEU.
 According to agreement with BSNLEU and SNATTA, they will give Two (2) seats in LCM and RCM for the SNATTA members. Now, we ask for the seats.
 Conducting JTO-LIC exam earliest and give fitment benefit for DRTTAs joining after 1.1.2007.
 Service Connection with Mobile Set and monthly talk value of Rs.325 for DRTTAs working in fields.
He takes the issues seriously and assured for taking necessary action.

Prabir Sikder

Monday, August 9, 2010

Message from SNATTA G.S

A very serious discussion took place on the fitment to the TTAs. Management agreed to further explore the issue. A decission might be taken by the management in the next NCM.

B Narendrasingh

Friday, August 6, 2010

" Letter for your GM about Pay deduction happen after Pay Revision . "

This is requested to all DRTTAs , whose salary has been decreased
after Pay Revision.Please attach two pay slips which will clearly
shows the difference of Pay deduction
Probir Sikder

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Message From G.S SNATTA

On concrete assurance given by CMD BSNL to solve our issues, todays lunch Hour demonstration stays postponed. CMD will call Meeting soon with UF.

Dharmendra Verma

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As per circle guidance jalpaiguri ssa conduct their ssa body meeting at conference hall 3rd floor O/o the GMT/Jalpaiguri BSNL on 1-08-2010 Successfully.
We hope all ssa will also follow the same for better unit in SSA level.


Telephonic conferenceing meeting was held with all divisional secretaries on 2nd aug-2010 on 12 pm . It was highly appreciation by SNATTACHQ and most probably this is the first attempt from our our circle. It was conducted by Krishnanagar ssa . we are very much thankful to their effort.

1-Candidate selection for AIC.
2-Policy for collecting delegation charges
3-For conducting meeting with GM and SSA secretaries of BSNLEU with our ssa executive body