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Saturday, January 31, 2015

31-01-2015: Notification of CEC on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi

Notification of CEC on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi
SNATTA Chq has taken a decision to call CEC meet on 26-02-2015 at New Delhi. As you are aware of that as per agitation program of FORUM there is parliament march on 25-02-2015 and Chq committed more than 100 participants so to make it successful and meet our requirement on next day circles representative play a role in strategic planning for future course of action.
Point to be discuss in CEC:-
  1. Pay disparity issue as of now
  2. JTO RR 2014 implication
  3. Designation Change status
  4. View on fund collection
  5. Discussion on partial implementation of ESM
  6. Declaration of pending Tamilnadu JTO-LICE result
  7. 30% superannuation benefit w.r.t. management proposed 3% extra in 18%.
  8. Amendment in MTRR for inclusion of TTAs
  9. Inclusion of Executive CUG in Rs 200 SIM.
  10. Implementation of Non-executive transfer policy.
  11. Discussion on yearly program of CHQ.
  12. Any issue with permission of chair.
You are, therefore, request to kindly confirm your presence in the meeting at New Delhi. CHQ expect intimation from circle well in advance to make an arrangement.

31-01-2015: all Members are requested to deposit the monthly subscription....up-to-date.....all the treasurers are requested to collect the fund immediately.....

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

24.01.2015: A delegation of members of BTEU met Honorable MOC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on dated 17.01.2015 and represented below mention issues as briefed by our CHQ.

1) Loss of wages to the TTAs who are appointed on or after 01.01.2007
2) Review of results of JTO exam which was held recently.
3) Reduction of residency period in NE 11 pay scale for promotion to NE 12.
4) Change of designations.

Honorable Minister assured to early resolutions of all the issues. We are thankful to BTEU for taking up our issues at highest level.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

22-01-2014: letter issued by GS/snatta to GM(estt) regarding ESM issues.....

22-01-2014: DyGS Sunil Gautam and AGS RK Upadhayay meet new CMD BSNL Shri Anupam Shrivastav and greeted with bouquet with lots of hopes. SNATTA Chq express our firm commitment and resolve to accept the challenge and put in our best efforts to restore the lost glory of BSNL.

22-01-2014: forum meeting of siliguri SSA will be held on 30th January, at TRC hall.. snatta will represent in the meeting....

22-01-2014: Forum meeting of Krishnagar SSA was held on 21-01-2014 at TDM ofice building/krishnagar SSA......Sri Manik Mandal DS/snatta/ksh & Amit Khan, CS/snatta/wb attended the meeting

22-01-2014: KGP ssa meeting summary.....

A Successful SSA Conference of KGP SSA was held at TRC ROOM, D-TAX INDA on 17.01.2015.  All the TTAs of KGP SSA discus various issue.
 summary of the meeting
1)       All Representatives delivered their speech to agree with the signature for “SAVE BSNL - SAVE INDIA”.
2)       They also discussed about the grievances of the TTAs and their current position in our organization.
3)       After listening all the view points from the representatives it is decided to unity of TTAs for “ LAGATAR DHARNA”send proposal Circle body & CHQ body.
4)       New year Diary & Calendar distribution to our member& also all union executive of KGP SSA.
5)       Lunch break then local issue solved by executive members.
6)       Circular passed for minimum T.A fair return outside of SSA meeting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14-01-2015:meeting of kharagpur SSA......

Dear Comrds/ Friends,
                                 SNATTA divisional body shall conduct a general body meeting on 17-01-2015 at 1 pm1 onwards at TRC Room, D-TAX, INDA, Kharagpur regarding New year greeting and some local issues...
            So i hereby request  all SNATTA members of Kharagpur SSA to join this meeting positively.......

With regards............
Pradip Jana , District Secretary/SNATTA/KGP

Saturday, January 10, 2015

10.01.2015: Designations Committee meeting ends in deadlock.

The Designations Committee meeting was held yesterday the 09.01.2015. com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, com. Balbir Singh, President, com. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE and com. Mahabir Singh (NFTE) participated from Staff Side. Shri Shameem Akthar, Sr. GM (SR), Ms. Madhu Arora, Sr. GM (Restg.) and Shri R.K. Goyal, GM (Estt) participated from Management Side. Discussion resumed on the change of designation of the Sr. TOA cadre. In the last meeting, the Staff Side has demanded “Superintendent” designation for Sr. TOA, since Management was not prepared to give the designations such as “Associate officer”, “Manager” or Executive. In yesterday’s meeting also the Management Side told that they cannot give “Superintendent” designation also to the Sr. TOAs. Especially, shri R.K. Goyal, GM (Estt.) firmly told that, as a member of the Committee, he would not accept to give the Superintendent designation to the Sr. TOAs. Thus, the meeting ended in a deadlock, without any development.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

08-01-2015: Sri Amit Khan alongwith DS/KOlkata Pradp ji met DGM (HR)/Circle office ..details below

Sri Amit Khan alongwith DS/Kolkata Pradip Mandi  met DGM (HR)/Circle office for the matter of 
1)stipend revision &
2) diary distribution in favour of BSNL to All staff  

it is confirmed that Corporate office asked to all Principals of  all Training centres to send( within 13/1/15) the details of all the training particulars from 2007  so that the residual amount as per stipend revision could be calculated.
Matter of  " diary to all staff " file is in process. expected shortly.

08-01-2015: Manick Mandal, DS/SNATTA/KSH alongwith Mohan Paul /president SNATTA/KSH joined the dharna Programme at TDM office/Nakshatra Bhaban.. Krishnagar..dharna programme was succesfully completed...

08-01-2015: the Sri Amit Khan, CS , Sri Pradip Mnadi , DS/KOL alongwith others wished happy new Year to the Circle Administration as well as the all union association leaders with the Diary and Calender

08-01-2015:Amit Khan, Circle Secretary/snattawb alongwith Pardip Mandi. District Secy/Kolkata SSA and others attended the DharnaProgramme on 08-01-2015 at CGM Office ..Amit Khan delivered his valuable speech in favour snatta at the programme..all the union/association leaders inluding Tapas Ghosh/ SNEA, Swapan Bose/AIBSNLEA, FNTO etc were present...the programme was ended with the detailed speech ofCom Animesh Mitra, Convener of the Forum ......

Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB & Convenor  Forum addressing the huge gathering at CGMT Office Kolkata. The leaders of the Forum, Com Tapas Ghosh-SNEA, Com Swapan Bose-AIBSNLEA, Com Amit Khan-SNATTA, Com. Sujoy Sarkar-BSNLEU, Com Swapan Chanda & Com P. Pyne- Jt. President are also in the Picture