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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The circle Core committee decided to form a committee to culture the JTO LICE issue and its vacancy issue so that discrepancy if any in vacancy calculation since formation of BSNL as per DOPT guidelines may be pointed out.

 We do not want any delay as and when the Case of TN circle( where it is assumed that there is huge discrepancy in vacancy calculation) came into our notice.
Hence the committee comprised of  five members  as below:
1)     Chairman: Sri Debasis Chakrabarty, Durgapur SSA, Mob: 9434312738
2)     Vice-chairman: Sukumar Chanda, Raiganj SSA, 9475251112
3)     Member: Sourav Das, Kharagpur SSA, 9474590999
4)     Member: Dhrubadas Banik, Krishnagar SSA, 9474029007
5)     Member: Somnath Mandal, Kolkata SSA, 9474439885
Pl note:
1)      The committee shall analyse the history of vacancy calculation of JTO LICE in our circle starting from the formation of BSNL. Case of TN circle may be referred. Find out any type of discrepancy deviating from the DOPT guidelines etc. give a report to Circle Executive committee within next two months.
2)      The committee shall submit a report  to Circle Executive the committee on JTO LICE after analyzing the vacancy of JTO LICE, new HR restructuring policy of MGMT, JTO RR 2001, proposed RR 2014  alongwith a recommendation on” which stand of snattawbtc be beneficiary for us” within next two months.
3)     The committee may avail travelling expenses  and relevant expenses for the purpose of the committee from fund of snattawbtc.

4)     The committee will exist w.e.f. 01st may, 2015 till further notice.

Monday, April 27, 2015

27-04-2015: a Core committee meeting of snatta wb was held today at about 1 pm .....

the decision taken:
1) a three member committee will be formed to sort out the vacancy related issues of our circles...
2) SSA wise meeting between circle core committee and DP, DS , DT through conference will be completed within next 15 days...
3) monthly subscription to be updated.....
4) Sri Ratul Acharjee of Siliguri SSA mob: 9434579165 is deputed as "Website administrator" of mail for any updatation to :
another core committee meeting will be done tomorrow

26-04-2015: snattawb express deep mourns to the affected people of recent earthquake at Nepal and INDIA....