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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The SSAS have been asked to report why meetings of works committee have not been held.The issue was raised in the National Council. Lr. No. BSNL/39/11/SR/2007 Dated 18/05/2015 to all CGMs.

President along with Snatta comrades met GM(Rectt)/Personal and discussed for review of departmental examination result ,held in year 2013 in respect of S/C,S/C candidates with reference to the staff side demand in the National council meeting of 14th may.

19.05.2015: Now dial STD mobile numbers without 0 or +91, India one step closer to full MNP.

Operators has started the process of implementing simplified dialing pattern that allow both STD and local numbers be dialed without any prefix. Many operators have implemented this .

One of the main technical problem of full MNP was STD dialing pattern. At present, STD numbers can only be dialed by adding either ‘0’ or ‘+91? as the prefix. But post full MNP STD and local numbers cannot be differentiated and should have same dialing pattern. These changes require configuration modifications in each of the operator nodes and operators had sorted more time to implement this before full MNP. DoT had recently given two months extension for operators to implement full MNP on grounds of these technical issues.
As per the latest deadline set by DoT, full MNP will be implemented in the country by July. A full MNP will allow the subscribers to move from one mobile networks to other in any telecom circles in the country. So customer can retain his mobile number in any part of the country without paying for roaming charges.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

02-05-2015: as per Circle core committee decision the SSA wise conference meeting is started with Raiganj.....

a conference meeting was arranged with Raiganj DP DS and DT and Circle core committee on 02-05-2015... a very good discussion took place on issues :
1) present scenario of JTO LICE and wage erosoin issue...
2) organisational matter..
3) funds etc....
Sri Amit Khan, CS/Snattawbtc, Sri Debashish Chakrabarty CC/snata wbtc, Sri Jagannath Sarkar , CP / snattawbtc, Sri Bidyut Roy , Circle treasurer /snattawbtc  and others represents Core Committee.
Sri Sukumar Chanda, President snatta/Raiganj & ACS/snattawbtc , Sri Chandan Sarkar, DS/Raiganj, Soumya Chatterjee, DT /Raiganj, Amardeep kundu, DT /Raiganj and others represented RAiganj SSA in themeeting
Sri Amit Khan, CS /snattawbtc explained the situation and Sri Debashish Chakrabarty, CC/snattawbtc.explained the activity of CHQ at this stage....the meeting was presided by jagannath sarkar , Preseident.... 

Raiganj SSA is one our best ACTIVE SSAa where we got every support  every time....snattawbtc congratulate them for their activity...
 snattawbtc is committed for every interest of every members of WBTC....
another SSA schedule is rady.. it will be continued till next week