Any suggestion regarding development of SNATTA westbengal …. pl. mail to our cs in e-mail ID or to our CP at mail

Friday, September 14, 2018

7th SNATTA ALL INDIA CONFERENCE WAS SUCCESSFULLY CONDUCTED BY SNATTA-WBTC & SNATTA CTD on 8th and 9th of September 2018 in Kolkata at University Institute Hall, College Square

This Grand Occasion was inaugurated by Our Honorable CGM-CTD Mr. S. P Tripathi with the Pradip Prajjyalan in presence of the Representatives from the Different Unions and Associations.Our President Mr. Rajendra Khanna ji Presided the entire Ceremony and CGM - CTD presented a wonderful Opening Speech of the Occasion to glorify the moments with his immense qualities of knowledge to develop our beloved Organisation and for the betterment of the JEs' future ahead in BSNL. Our GS Mr. Anup Mukherjee has presented his phenomenal speech with his experience and dedication towards SNATTA and gave some wonderful instances about making impossible to possible every things in the world with keeping a robust Unity and faith among the us.All the Representatives from Different Unions and Associations expressed their positive set of mindset for the betterment of JEs abd BSNLs' future ahead. On the Second day of this Grand Occasion, Previous CHQ body was dissolved by Mr. Rajendra Khanna/President CHQ. And House has elected our New CHQ body with full fledge support of the Members from all over the India.Mr. Suresh Kumar CS/SNATTA CTD was unanimously elected as General Secretary of SNATTA CHQ, Mr. Abhishek Rana CWP/SNATTA WBTC was unanimously elected as Assistant General Secretary of SNATTA CHQ & Our Mr. Priya Ranjan Kumar VP/SNATTA WBTC was unanimously elected as Organising Secretary of SNATTA CHQ. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha CS/SNATTA WBTC & Mr. Suresh Kumar CS/SNATTA CTD and rest of the members of Team WBTC and CTD for making this event a grand success and a special thanks to Mr. Prasun Barua Chief Secretary of 7th AIC of SNATTA for making these arrangements as smooth as possible.


Sunday, July 29, 2018



SNATTA is going to hold its 7th All India Conference (AIC) in Kolkata by 8th and 9th Sept 2018.On behalf of SNATTA CTD & SNATTA WB, the 7th AIC RECEPTION COMMITTEE welcome all delegates, guests and seniors from every corner of India to the great City of Revolution, Joy & glory. It’s a very prestigious occasion to transfer the baton to the Next generation leaders and keeping the JE unity flag always flying higher. Every Circle are hereby requested to send at least 10 to 15 delegates. We will specially welcome JE's of 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 batch to get accumulated in mass number and gather experience of SNATTA's History, culture, glory & tradition looking towards future.

All other Circles are requested to go through the GENERAL NOTIFICATION Sheet (attached below) for all the informations related to AIC. It is also requested to download & fill up the DELEGATES DATA SHEET (attached below) properly and email it concern email id mentioned in the General Notification.


Thank You.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Minutes of SNATTA WEST BENGAL TELECOM CIRCLE Executive Committee meeting held on 26/06/2018

SNATTA WEST BENGAL TELECOM  CIRCLE Executive Committee meeting has been successfully conducted at Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata on 26thJune2018(Tuesday).

Meeting started with the speech of Mr.Priya Ranjan Kr- VP/SNATTA WB. He addressed the executive members & representatives of all SSA present in that meeting.He focused on formation of SNATTA Body across all the SSA & Circle-level .Mr.Vikas Kr. Jaisawal/ACS-SNATTA WB, Mr. Probir Sikdar/VP-SNATTA WB and Mr. Jay Prakash Narayan/Central Coordinator-SNATTAWB also addressed the house. Very good presentations were made by circle executive members and representatives of other SSAs .

Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad/Circle Treasurer-SNATTA WB explained about fund collection & expenditure up to 31st March 2018 in brief. He mentioned the importance of fund for running  our association in proper and accelerated way and  It is also decided in the meeting  that Rs.500/- will be collected from each member of SNATTA WB for conducting SNATTA AIC - 2018 in coming days.

Mr.Himanhsu Shekher Jha/CS- SNATTA WB fully described in all topics of Agendas with full of enthusiasm. He also shared our association achievements, so far from Circle level to CHQ level.As per CHQ reports,JTO LICE will be conducted as soon.

Three post of  Circle body were vacant due to Rule -8 transfer of JEs and other reason, hence, three name has been proposed by the house and finally elected  Mr.Victor Ghosh/KGP-SSA as Website Secretary,Mr.Rashmi Nath Sinha /CAL-SSA as Asst.Web.Secretary and Mr.Priya Ranjan Kr/CAL-SSA as Auditor  .

The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by  Circle Vice President

Thursday, July 12, 2018

NOTICE:- General Body Meeting of SNATTA Coochbehar SSA is scheduled to be held on 13.07.2018(Friday)

Dear all JE friends of Coochbehar SSA,
It is to intimate  all of you that a General Body Meeting regarding formation of New Dist Body of SNATTA Coochbehar SSA and other issues of JEs of COB SSA, will be held on 13.07.2018(Friday) at TRC Hall, TDM Office , Coochbehar from 11:00 AM onward.
All the JEs, promoted JTOs from COB SSA and SNATTA-WB Circle Executive members are cordially invited to attend the meeting.


SNATTA Zindabaad !                                          JE Unity zindabaad !

Friday, June 15, 2018

NOTICE- Circle Executive Committee Meeting is called at Telephone Bhawan,Kolkata on 26th June'2018(Tuesday)

An important Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNATTA WB is being called ,it is intimated to all well before time. Each Executive members(Dist.Secretary,Dist.President, Dist. Treasurer & all member of circle body)are requested to attend this meeting at any cost and arranged yourself in your office . So that you will be free to attend the meeting.
Agenda of the meeting: -.
1. Formation of AICC & JTO LICE.
2. Financial Report up to 31st March'2018.
3. Necessary Circle Body reformation.
4. Fund collection status and membership analysis of each SSA.
5. Other burning issue of WB Circle

       Date- 26th June'2018(Tuesday).
       Time- 1:00 pm onward.
       Venue- Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor, Telephone Bhawan,Kolkata.

Thanks & Regards

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Newly Elected Dist. Body of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA

District Body of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA

A Successful General Body Body Meeting of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA was held on 26/05/2018(Saturday) at Falakata Telephone Exchange, Jalpaiguri SSA. The Meeting was Presided by Mr. Gour Hari Barnik(District President/SNATTA JPG SSA) in Presence of Mr.Abhishek Rana(District Secretary/SNATTA JPG SSA cum Circle Working President/SNATTA WB) along with almost all JEs Members of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA. The new Dist. Body of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA has been formed. The details are as follows.

District President
Mr. Ashutosh Kr.
District Vice President-I
Mr. Raj Kumar
District Vice President-II
Mr.Chandan Kr. Pasi
District Secretary
Mr.Abhishek Ranjan
Assistant District Secretary-I
Mr.Hirakjyoti Sarkar
Assistant District Secretary -II
Mr.Gour hari Barnik
District Organising Secretary-I
Mr.Rahul Kumar
District Organising Secretary-II
Mr.Paramveer Singh
District Organising Secretary-III
Mr.Mukesh Kumar
District Treasurer
Mr.Suman Das
Asst. District Treasurer
Miss.Poulami Biswas

Executive Body Members
1.Mr. Angad Kumar
2.Mr. Satish Kumar
3.Mr. Goutam Roy
4.Miss. Sonam Kumari
5.Mr. Santosh Kumar
6.Mr. Abhishek Rana
Click here for minutes

Monday, May 28, 2018

Newly Elected District Body of SNATTA Siliguri SSA

District Body of SNATTA Siliguri SSA
                        A successful General Body Meeting of SNATTA Siliguri SSA was held on 19/05/2018 at Power Plant Room , Siliguri Main Exchange  chaired by Mrs. Shagufta Parveen /Dist President-SNATTA   SLG SSA.  Mr.  Ratul  Acharjee /Circle President- SNATTA  WB cum Dist. Secretary/ SNATTA  SLG SSA  along with  the presence of  all  the  members of SNATTA Siliguri SSA. The  new  Dist. Body of  SNATTA Siliguri SSA has been formed. The details are as follows.
District President
Mr.Akhilesh Kumar
District Vice President
MD. Mamoon Rashid
District Secretary
Mr.Ratul Acharjee
Assistant District   Secretary (Hill)
Mr.Dhiresh Sarkar
Assistant District   Secretary (Plain)
Mr.Tathagata Ray
District Treasurer
Mr.Milan Kr. Tarafdar
District Organising Secretary
Mr.Prabhat Kr.

 Executive Body Members:-
1. Mrs. Shagufta Parveen
2. Mrs. Soma Das Sen
3. Mr. Aditya Aman

Friday, May 25, 2018

NOTICE: General Body Meeting of SNATTA Jalpaiguri SSA, schedule will be held on 26.05.2018

Dear all JE Friends of Jalpaiguri SSA,
      It is hereby notified that JALPAIGURI SSA is going to conduct a General body meeting on 26th May' 2018 (Saturday) at Falakata Telephone Exchange from 12.30 pm onward.

The agenda of the meeting are-
1.To Disolve the Current District Body and Formation of New Dist Body
2.Introduction of New JEs in the SNATTA JPG SSA.
3. Subscription Status
4. Regarding JTO LICE and AIC

  We request to all SNATTAINS/Junior Engineers of Jalpaiguri SSA to join outnumber of JEs  in meeting with full enthusiasm and make it grand success.All Circle Executive Members of SNATTA WB are cordially invited to make this event a grand success.

SNATTA Zindabad!                                                                         JE Unity Zindabad!

Monday, May 21, 2018

15-05-2018: Meeting of SNATTA WB Deligates with Hon'ble CGM/WBTC

 As per appointment scheduled, meeting started with presenting a bookey and our Association's table calender to Hon'ble CGM Sir by Mr.Himanshu Shekher Jha/CS-SNATTA WB in presence of Mr.Priya Ranjana kumar/Co-ordinator(EAST)-SNATTA CHQ Cum VP/SNATTA WB, Mr.Vikash kr.Jaiswal/ACS-SNATTA   WB, Mr .Gauri    Shankar Prasad/Circle Treasurer and  Mrs. Madhuparna  Roy/Asst.Circle Treasurer/SNATTA WB on 15/05/2018 at 2 pm onward in the office of Hon'ble CGMT,  CTO Building, Kolkata.

Then after all the genuine issues regarding JEs of WB alongwith development agendas were put up infront of him.On the matter of JTO LICE,he asked to GM(HR) about progress report  of vacancy calculations of Vacancy year 2016-17 & 2017-18.She told that it will be calculated and published in Sancharika by June'2018.EPF deduction from date of joining in Department will be implemented soon. About the issues of DNI in some SSA, GM(HR) assured that, she will take proper initiative in this regard.she also assured to look the issues of Rule-8 applicant . In the same fashion he assured us to solve our all issues as soon as possible.Our CGM sir was very impressed to know our development agendas and dedication towards work and  participation in new technology training program. Our every members focused on each and every issues .He replied that more no. of 3G BTS will be installed soon by ZTE in next phase,sufficient battery supply ,tendor for riger is in process,Sim sells is being increased by organising camps in different places .
SNATTAWB Zindabad!

Click here for agenda

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

NOTICE: General Body Meeting of SNATTA Siliguri SSA, schedule will be held on 19.05.2018

Dear all JE Friends of Siliguri SSA,

      It is hereby notified that SNATTA SILIGURI SSA is going to conduct a General body meeting on 19th May' 2018 (Saturday) at  Power Plant Room, Siliguri Main Exchange from 2.30 pm onward.

The minutes of the meeting are-
1) Old body dissolve and new Dist. body formation of SNATTA Siliguri SSA.
2) Introduction of New JEs and filling up the membership form of SNATTA.
3) Discussion about confirmation status of 2014 batch JE's.
4) Subscription status.
5) JTO LICE Status and any other local issue.

  We request to all SNATTAINS/Junior Engineers of Siliguri SSA to join outnumber of JEs  in meeting with full enthusiasm and make it grand success.


SNATTA Zindabad!                                                                         JE Unity Zindabad!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Circle Council Meeting Of West Bengal Telecom Circle held successfully on 07.05.18 at CTO Building, Kolkata

Dear JE Friends ,

                        It is hereby informed to all of you that the Outcome of the Circle Council Meeting was very appreciable for the prospects of JEs of WBTC.Our CS/SNATTA WBTC and Working CP/SNATTA WBTC was nominated for Circle Council Member and They attended that meeting on 07/05/18 at CTO  Building,  Kolkata.Our Four(4) important agendas were included in the main agendas and discussed under the Chairmanship of our Honorable CGM/WBTC .
 The Decision taken against the agendas submitted by SNATTA WB are:
I. CGM/WBTC  told to AGM(HR/ADMN) to Calculate the Vacancy of JTO LICE for the  pending Vacancy Year and it will be published year wise regularly in the Sancharika Portal to maintain    its transparency.
           II.Regarding EPF Deduction, GM(HR/ADMN)  told that this issue will be short out as it is pending due to Fund Shortage ,
      III. Regarding  Qtr  Maintenance , CGM/WBTC  assured and told to  Chief  Engg.(Civil)  to start  maintenance work of Staff Qtrs ,as Application  Received from the Staff Side for  maintenance.
      IV. For Development of BSNL services, Upgradation Work of 2G to 3G Conversion BTSs are going on, It will be completed shortly and NGN Installation Programme was initiated in most of SSAs , Hopefully It will be completed as soon as Possible.

From the above discussion, we can hope that Circle Administration has taken our agendas  as a serious note and assured to short out.
 It increases our morality towards our association and towards our department also.
                               SNATTA UNITY ZINDABAD !!             BSNL ZINDABAD!!
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