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Friday, September 14, 2018

7th SNATTA ALL INDIA CONFERENCE WAS SUCCESSFULLY CONDUCTED BY SNATTA-WBTC & SNATTA CTD on 8th and 9th of September 2018 in Kolkata at University Institute Hall, College Square

This Grand Occasion was inaugurated by Our Honorable CGM-CTD Mr. S. P Tripathi with the Pradip Prajjyalan in presence of the Representatives from the Different Unions and Associations.Our President Mr. Rajendra Khanna ji Presided the entire Ceremony and CGM - CTD presented a wonderful Opening Speech of the Occasion to glorify the moments with his immense qualities of knowledge to develop our beloved Organisation and for the betterment of the JEs' future ahead in BSNL. Our GS Mr. Anup Mukherjee has presented his phenomenal speech with his experience and dedication towards SNATTA and gave some wonderful instances about making impossible to possible every things in the world with keeping a robust Unity and faith among the us.All the Representatives from Different Unions and Associations expressed their positive set of mindset for the betterment of JEs abd BSNLs' future ahead. On the Second day of this Grand Occasion, Previous CHQ body was dissolved by Mr. Rajendra Khanna/President CHQ. And House has elected our New CHQ body with full fledge support of the Members from all over the India.Mr. Suresh Kumar CS/SNATTA CTD was unanimously elected as General Secretary of SNATTA CHQ, Mr. Abhishek Rana CWP/SNATTA WBTC was unanimously elected as Assistant General Secretary of SNATTA CHQ & Our Mr. Priya Ranjan Kumar VP/SNATTA WBTC was unanimously elected as Organising Secretary of SNATTA CHQ. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha CS/SNATTA WBTC & Mr. Suresh Kumar CS/SNATTA CTD and rest of the members of Team WBTC and CTD for making this event a grand success and a special thanks to Mr. Prasun Barua Chief Secretary of 7th AIC of SNATTA for making these arrangements as smooth as possible.