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Saturday, February 16, 2019


 Congratulation to all members!!
SNATTA CHQ Conducted  its CEC meeting in DELHI on 10/02/2019(Sunday) Successfully in Kidwai Bhawan and strongly establish the truth that SNATTA -Always looking for better tomorrow.
Most of the circle's represntative was present in the meeting and representative from all circle put forward their valuable opinion .Among them the representation from Punjab,CTD and West Bengal is specifically note worthy .In the present scenario it is fact that the chq related work centered around the views of West Bengal circle.This time almost each and every circle represented their thoughts for the major changes that need to be adapted in SNATTA.On behalf of WEST BENGAL CIRCLE, MR. HIMANSHU SHEKHER JHA/CS SNATTA WBTC delivered beautiful speech regarding all agendas and Sri.Priya Ranjan Kumar- VP- SNATTA WB Cum OS SNATTA CHQ extends it more .The hall echoed with clap and every circles support voice of WBTC.It was another proud occasion for SNATTA WBTC  when Mr. Abhishek Rana Working Circle President SNATTA WBTC Cum AGS SNATTA CHQ summarised the agendas with new and collective thoughts to pave the future path for the JEs of BSNL and the proposals were put on table and it  was granted and passed with huge claps of support. 


1-SNATTA STARTS its venture towards 3rd JTO LICE within 2019 and asked to prepare for the 4th JTO LICE also.
2-SNATTA also give equal importance towards JAO LICE and initiated the processes.
3-SNATTA move towards another dimension by forming a TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE.
4-A Separate CENTRALISED DRAFTING AND LEGAL COMMITTEE FORMED to pursue different cases like -NEPP ,30% SAB etc.
5-SNATTA Join FBRE (BR/DR) Platform  and ready for all support.
6-NEPP within 4 yrs  will be given most priority and chq request all circles to be ready for any financial help .
7-A Resolution was passed for  restructuring the Subscription fees of Rs. 40 to be collected w.e.f Jan'19 homogeneously over the each and every Circle.
All the Circle Secretaries are asked to implement it without further delay. 
8-All Circles are requested to contribute minimum Rs. 6000/- towards SNATTACHQ.
The charm of the meeting doubled with gracious presence of  Upadhay ji previous AGS,SNATTA and Sunil Gautam Ji previous Dy. GS of SNATTA.

Ex. Dy. GS Mr. Sunil Gautam Ji is honoured as a PATTRON of SNATTA for his excellent devotion towards SNATTA for the betterment JEs.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Formal meeting of SNATTA-WB Delegates with Hon'ble CGM/WB alongwith GM(HR),DGM(HR) and other Circle administration of WBTC on 2nd feb,2019.

First of all SNATTA-WB delegation team led by Mr.Himanshu Shekher Jha/CS-SNATTA WB met with Hon’ble CGM/WB. Mr.Himanshu jee wished him a happy new year 2019 with Diary  and bookey & our association calendar-2019 and then after we've had a fascinating and important discussions regarding development of BSNL/WBTC along with some new technology e.g.NGN,FTTH.etc and  HR issues of JEs.
Hon'ble CGM Sir appreciated the delegation team of SNATTAWB-WB for this types of efforts & development issues that  are aimed to bring changes the situation of BSNL. 
After that  delegation team  met  GM(HR) & DGM(HR) with diary & calender and  discussed on HR issue reqarding anomaly in license fee for Type- III quarter. Actually 3 times license fee is being paid for type III Qtr as per govt.rule but in various case of WBTC,6 Times written in allotment paper of quarter and deducted in salary slip.GM(HR) sorted  out this issue and told us that they will submit application for correction in license fee individually with allotment order of quarter.hence a long time pending quarter issue solved successfully.
Then after delegation team met with  AGM(HR)/WBTC ,SDE( STAFF-II)/WBTC ,JTO (STAFF- II)WBTC, SDE(Recruitment)/WBTC and  diary & calendar of SNATTA WB  have given to all. They appreciated us and assured to solve our HR issues in future from their side. Therefore our SNATTAWB team completed formal meeting with Circle administration and thanks to all for their appreciation.
SNATTA zindabad!       JEs unity zindabad ! 

General Meeting Cum Get-together meeting of SNATTA-Calcutta SSA was organised enthusiastically on 02-02-2019

First of all SNATTA-CAL SSA delegation  led by Mr.Vikash kr.jaiswal/DS/CAL-SSA met with Hon’ble GMT/CAL SSA. Mr. Vikash jee wished him a happy new year 2019 with Diary & our association calendar-2019 and then after we've had a fascinating and important discussions regarding development of BSNL-Cal SSA/WBTC along with some new technology e.g.NGN,FTTH.etc……
             Hon'ble GMT appreciated the delegation team of SNATTA-CAL SSA for this types of efforts & development issues that  are aimed to bring changes the situation of BSNL. 

       Now the  time of get -together meeting and it was organized at Recreation club,3rd floor, Telephone bhawan,Kolkata -1.
Meeting started from 02:30 PM in the presence of Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha - CS/SNATTA WB, Mr. Priya Ranjan Kr- VP/SNATTA WB, Mr.Vikash kr. Jaiswal-DS/SNATTA-CAL SSA cum ACS/SNATTA WB, Mr.Sumit kr, DP/SNATTA-CAL-SSA ,Mr.Chandra Shekhar Murmu, ADS/SNATTA-CAL SSA cum OS/SNATTA WB with all JEs of CAL SSA. Meeting was presided by Mr vikash Kr. Jaiswal-DS/SNATTA-Cal SSA with development issues. They discussed the issues of all JEs in CAL SSA and fund collection etc and the role of JEs in development of BSNL-Cal SSA/ WBTC. Mr. Priya Ranjan kumar described in details about SNATTA-CHQ and plan for upcoming SNATTA activities. Mr.Gauri Shankar Prasad/circle treasurer focused on fund collection details.

 And at last our CS elaborately described the achievement of SNATTA WB at CHQ Level and update on JTO LICE 2016-17 exam and 2017-18 notification, NEPP, upcoming CEC meeting in brief. Our CS then thanked to everyone for attend the get together meeting and hope the attendant will be increases in upcoming meetings.

SNATTA zindabad!       JEs unity zindabad ! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

NOTICE : General Body Meeting cum Get together meeting of SNATTA JALPAIGURI SSA is scheduled to be held on 09.02.2019

          SNATTA JALPAIGURI SSA Organise a General Body meeting cum Get together meeting on 09-02-2019 ( Saturday ) from 11:30 a.m. on wards at Falakata Telephone Exchange, Jalpaiguri .
The main agendas of the meeting :- 
1) Distribution of SNATTA WB Calendar 2019.
2) Collection of subscription fee within due date .
3) KYC Updatation  of EPF account .
4) Development and other issues 
5) Regular  conduction of  JTO LICE  and  JAO  LICE.
6) Implementation  of  3rd  Pay  Revision  with  15  %  fitment  with  the  inclusion  and  revision  of    all  the  Perks and  Allowances .
7) Allotment  of  4G  spectrum  to  BSNL  as  per  the  proposal  submitted  by the  BSNL      
8)Revision  of  first  up  gradation under  NEPP  in  4  years  instead  of  existing  8  years.
9) Immediate  Recruitment  of  JEs  from  open  market  to  curb  the  shortfall  in  this  cadre.
10) Immediate  settlement  of  full  30%  superannuation benefit.  
11) GTI and  medical  insurance  policy  scheme  for  non-executives  of  BSNL.
12).  Any other  issues  in  respect  of  association  with  the  permission  of  the  chair.
         All members of SNATTA JALPAIGURI SSA are hereby requested to  attend the meeting and make it grant success.


NOTICE : General Body Meeting cum Get together meeting of SNATTA ASANSOL SSA is scheduled to be held on 09.02.2019

Dear Friends!
SNATTA ASANSOL SSA body has decided to conduct a General Body meeting Cum Get together meeting on 09-02-2019(Saturday) from 12:00 PM on wards at Telecom Recreation club ,2nd floor,O/O of the DGM, Burdwan with the following agendas.  

1) Discussion on JTO-LICE
2) Distribution of calendar and diary
3) Monthly subscription collection
4) HR related issues of JEs.
 So ,hereby requesting to all  SNATTA ASN SSA members to participate this meeting with positive attitude and make it grand success.
Participation of every members are very important there as SNATTA is our own association and it always make a best path for us.