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2nd circle conference

The Circle Conference of SNATTAWB was held on 3rd july 2010 at CTTC Salt lake Kolkata under the presidium of central Coordinator SNATTAWB. Com Animesh Mitra circle Secretary BSNLEU of west Bengal addressed the Conference as the Chief Guest.
The Conference unanimously elected Circle Office Bearers with Mr Jagadish paul as President and Mr. Prabir Sikdar as Circle Secretary. Circle body is ready to publish after authorized by SNATTA CHQ. The list of circle body office Bearers as mentioned below. We hope all responsible member will participate actively and do something NEW, something CREATIVE, and something UNIQUE and something more which other can think.

 Decissions made:

We would like to congratulate all the DRTTAs that our Circle body has approved by SNATTA CHQ. In the conference some decisions have taken by the House.

1.     Our main Agenda is to achieve all Fitment Benefit for DRTTAs joining on/after January 2007.
2.     A meeting will held in every month in every SSA.
3.     Our next conference will held in North Bengal.
4.     Two members from each SSA will attend in ALL INDIA CONFERENCE in GOA.
5.     A monthly subscription of Rs. 30 will start from July’10. All the district Treasures will collect the money and communicate with circle treasurer.
6.     We will continue with our alliance party i.e. BSNLEU till further notice from SNATTACHQ.

7.     One core committee is formed to fight for pay anomaly. The committee bearers are 1. Mr Banabihari Narendrasingh, 2. Mr Prabir Sikdar, 3.Bireswar Mondal, 4.Debasish Das

8.     Another core committee is formed to fight against delay from management to conduct JTO LICE. The committee bearers are             1. Mr Banabihari Narendrasingh                 2.Mr Jagadish pal
3. Mr. Pramil Roy,                                         4 Mr Tuhin Dutta,
All members can see our new circle body from circle body column from our website.