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Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Impressive Meeting with CGM. ( 12 Noon to 2 P.M )
On 22 nd July , there was a lunch-hour demonstration called by BSNL Workers Alliance. It was a country wide demonstration on 21st July but due to Sahid Divas at Kolkatta ,it was on 22nd. SNATTA CC-Mr. B.N.Singh , CS Probir Sikder, Cashier –S. Mondal, Krishnanagar –Amit Khan and others represented SNATTA. After short speech by NFTE & SNATTA leaders a formal meeting with CGM .
SNATTA point out –

1.Refund of security money of Rs. 5000 to those TTAs who have completed 2 years.

2.E.P.F statement is not up to date.

3.G.S.M connection for the TTAs working on field.

4.Transparent and fair Transfer policy for all non-executive.

He noted down all the points & assured for his best.

Introduction with INTTUC. ( 3-4 P.M )

INTTUC WB Circle President Mr. Baida invited SNATTA to be introduced with their circle body. According to them :-

  1. They have rapidly increase their members through out the state.

  2. They offer SNATTA to work with them for the sake of Employee and for the sake of BSNL.

  3. They are worried about the salary decrease of DRTTAs joined after 2007. They may take this sensitive and prestigious issue through minister level.