Any suggestion regarding development of SNATTA westbengal …. pl. mail to our cs in e-mail ID or to our CP at mail

Friday, February 28, 2014

28-02-2014: BSNL is completely owned by GOVT OF INDIA and it is run by more than 1000 ITS who are purely GOVT Servants....hence BSNL will revive only if Govt wants to revive it and if GOVT honestly wants to do it , it is only minute to revive its status.....otherwise no convention , no gathering may revive its glory.....

2802-2014: press news

NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet is likely to a take call on waiver of notional loan on BSNL estimated to be around Rs 7,500 crore in its next meeting on February 28.

"Cabinet may take up notional loan waiver matter of BSNL on February 28. With interest and other charges, it is estimated to be around Rs 7,500 crore," a source told PTI.

28-02-2014: Amit Khan, CS SNATTAWB donates Rs. 500/- towards support of Roshan and sudhangsu....

28-02-2014: donations......from the same in other SSA also....

Following are persons contributed for Late Rosan Barla and Sudhangshu Choudhury

1) Debasish Ghosh JTO(Ex TTA)-Rs 200/-
2) Sufal Ch Das JTO-Rs 100/-

1) ND Das- Rs 300/-
2) Priyanks ghosh DR TTA- member SNATTA- Rs 500/-( Conference + Contribution)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25-02-2014: on behalf of SNATTAWBTC, Sri Debashish Chakrabarty , proposed CC/SNATTAWBTC filed RTI regarding upto date Vacancy status for JTO LICE......thanks to Sri Chakrabarty.......

25-02-2014: Sri Debahish Chakrabarty , the PROPOSED CC/SNATTAWB donates Rs. 1000/- to family of Roshan Barla and Sudhangsu Choudhury.....thanks to Sri Chakrabarty......he also collecting the financial support from other employees also.....all other Ds are also requested to do the same......we are thankful to get Sri chakrabarty in full flavour.

25-02-2014: Sri Sudhangsu Chowdhury TTA/ Siliguri SSA is suffering from critical illness. he was admitted in vellore/Tamilnadu. more than 21 days ago. as per information he have to be admitted for another one months also.. at this stage he also needs some financial help.. the TTAs of Siliguri SSA decided to donate 1000/- each member...snattawb also request to all other member to extend support.

CS SNATTAWBTC also requested the DEC SILIGURI  SNATTA to care the medical claim procedure for him so that he can get financial help from BSNL as sooon as possible.
SNATTAWBTC will give all ot effort to assure his medical claim as per existing medical policy for indoor treatment.
We Also pray to GOD so that he be cured with the bless of GOD........

25-02-2014: Sri Amit khan , CS SNATTA WB and proposed CC/SNATTAWBTC sri debashish chakrabarty attended the Annual General Body Meeting of SNATTACTD at CTO Institute hall kolkata on 24-02-2014. details below

successful Annual General meetig alongwith a fine open session enlihgthened by CGM/ CTD , GM(EB) CTD , and leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNATTAWB , FNTO, BSNLTEU , SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA, AIGETOAfrom all other association union leaders along with our representative attended the meeting. each of the Guests served very good speech. Sri Amit Khan CS SNATTAWB also made his vibrant speech in open session.
again CTD circle Shows their integrity towards snatta and their fight. the Hall was full of Crowd and gathering.
 Special thanks snatta CTD for handing over some suitable documents supporting our demands of sufficients increment to recoup the damage in wage  issue to Mr A. Mitra, Dy GS BSNLEU so that all level may persue the case. 
a request from our side has been made through this presidium to Comrade Mitra and others union/ association  to give all out effort which was given for settlement of 78.2% issue that means the existing forums should take the issue because it is the case of total damage of new comer and BSNL cant run lively if new employee"s interest be paralysed at entry level.
so all the forum including executive also should come to save new comer of BSNL so that BSNL be purely saved with complete devotion of young blood.
freind today wage issue is alive because snatta is alive. so just live with snatta to assure your interest.
DY GS BSNLEU  instantly agreed that 50% IDA merger was given not by mistake but it was sure to give as per rule and he also assured FORUM should fight and they will try to include this issue in FORUM ISSUE.

In the meeting it is more precisely concluded that only unity is the main eligiblity to get all fight in our favour so keep united and go ahead.

Monday, February 24, 2014

24.02.2013: Today During the their Circle Conference, SNATTA CTD donated Rs 5000/- to extend financial help to our beloved TTA Late Roshan Barla's Family. The amount was handed over through cheque to Our CS Amit Khan through CGM CTD. Also 1 Minute silent for Our Beloved TTA Roshan Barka at the presidium..

We are Very Much Thankful to SNATTA CTD for being with US..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

18-02-2014: An Appeal to all DRTTA of ALL OVER INDIA ....from SNATTAWBTC

Our beloved DRTTA named Roshan  Barla ( Age -30 yrs) of Siliguri SSA expired suddenly on 30-01-2014. His family is in complete distressed condition. Sri Barla left his family including his only child of one year. He was the only earning member of his family. In such situation we the TTA group being his callegues cant be silent without extending our hand to his family. Hence snatta WBTC Circle appeals to all TTAs of West Bengal as well All over India to send the possible economical support and the same may be sent to our Circle Treasurer Account. The account details is mentioned below: also note that after sending the amount ,a mail with details(scan copy ) of sent amount may be given to so that we can recognize the sender.

A/C NO:  09750100006094

We hope family of Late Barla will get maximum support from DRTTA unity.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11-02-2014: the Unanimously selected Circle body snatta wb is as below: the same is sent to CHQ for approval: All the DSs are included as Circle executive member

1)  Proposed Central Co-ordinator /WBTC, SNATTACHQ : Sri Debashish Chakrabarty,  Durgapur Division /Asansol SSA: 9434312738
2)      President :  Jagannath sarkar, siliguri SSA, mob: 9475396240
3)      Vice president-i: Pradeep Jana, Kharagpur SSA, Mob: 9434762764
4)      Vice president-ii : Vidyasagar supekar ,  Purulia SSA,9434873699
5)      Circle Secretary : Amit Khan, Krishnagar SSA, 9475235162
6)      Asstt Circle Secretary-i : Anirban Chowdhury , Kolkata ssa, mob: 9433100108
7)      Asstt Circle Secretary-ii: Sukumar Chanda , Raiganj SSA, 9475251112
8)      Asstt Circle Secretary-iii : Samar Adhikary, Kharagpur SSA, mob: 9831755371
9)      Organising Secretary: Sourav Dutta, bankura SSA, Mob: 9434555554
10)   Auditor : Raghunath Mondal , Kolkata SSA, MOB : 9475028500
11)   Treasurer: Bidyut Roy, Durgapur Div/Asansol SSA, Mob: 9475100555
12)   Asstt treasurer: Bireswar Mondal, Malda SSA , Mob: 9434688396
13)   Asstt Treasurer: Gopal Mahapatra , Kharagpur SSA, Mob: 9434370777
14)   Executive member : Manick Mandal , Krishnagar SSA, 9434551338
15)   Executive member : Pradip Mandi, Kolkata SSA, MOB:9475014316
16)   Executive member : Sarbani Chand, Bankura SSA, 9475356854
17)   Executive member : Sri Mrinmoy Das  , Malda SSA-09434992298,

18)   Executive member : Soumitra Paul , Siliguri SSA, Mob: 9434553939

Sunday, February 9, 2014

09-02-2014: PHOTOS of Circle Conference of SNATTA WB held on 08.02.2014 at CTO Building..

                                                 Gate of the CTO Building conference meeting
                                                    shahid bedi malyadan by CP jagadish  Paul
                                       Gathering at inaugural session and Shahid bedi malyadan
                                     Sampadaikya Pratibedan " by Amit Khan CS SNATTAWB
                                             Reply Speech of Amit Khan CS SNATTAWB

                                                    initial gathering of member at starting session.
                                           Sri Sukumar Chanda of Raiganj delivering speech
                                               B.N. Singh CC SNATTACHQ in Speech

conferene conituniing......All India Organising secretary Anoop Mukherejje present in meeting
                                             newly unanimoiusly selected  circle body snattawb
                         Agitation of our member at  protesting the one increment proposal for wage loss 

09-02-2014: our beloved TTA freind comrade Roshan barla is no more with us.. as we have previously declared that we shall beside the distressed family of late Roshan barla...we should donate as per our capability......we are deeply considering the matter..

09-02-2014: a grand successful 4 th Circle conference held on 08 th february....

A grand successful 4 th Circle conference held on 08 th february.... 2014 ...almost All SSA members attended and participated actively....we are thanful to all the members for their extensive support.....this is the first time in west bengal a huge gathering made in a large well decoated and in a well a our CTO institute hall..
the presence of guests as below: 1) All India Organising secretary sri anoop mukherjee snatta chq
                                               2) Central CO-ordinator B.N. Singh
                                               3) Sri Chitra basu , CS NFTE WB
                                               4) Sri Dilip Saha , State secretary WB, SNEA
                                               5) Sri Prasant Jain , Circle President , AIGETOA
                                               6) Sri Sukumar Bose, State Secretary , AIBSNLOA
                                              7) Sri  Shaibal Mukherjee, Assistant Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA
                                              8) Sri  Sri sanjib Saha, Circle Seretary SNATTA CTD
                                              9) Sri Soumya Acharya, Assistant Circle Secretary, snatta CTD
                                             10) Sri Samir bannerjee DS NFTE Kolkata
we have also invited Com Animesh Mitra , Dy GS BSNLEU and Circle secretary BSNLEU but   he could not attend as he was out of WB.
however we are thankful to our delegates and guests for their valuable share to us and valuable speech on the issue " future of direct recruitees and future of BSNL".
in our internal session  sri Debashish Chakrabrty , Durgapur SSA, Debkanta das Suri SSA, Pradip jana Kharag[ur SSA , Sri Bidysagar Supekar Purulia SSA, Pradip Sen Kharagpur SSA, Tapas sarkar Krishnagar SSA, Sri Soumitra paul , Siliguri SSA, Sri Sourav Dutta bankura SSA, Sri Anirban Chowdhry Kolkata SSA, sri Pradip mandi , Kolkata SSA Sri samar adhikary Kharagpur SSA and Sri lastly B.N. Singh And Amit Khan made the valuable speech on following issue:
1) we should be given 5 increment for wage loss.
2) we want JTO LICE service condition 3 yrs.
3) we want Desgnation of JET 
4) we should be more united to get our result.....all delegates was requested to assure our unity more and be compact....otherwise we cant get result immediately.....the people who are yet silent and waiting to get result selfishly are the only responsible for whom we are not able to get result of our demand .
howevere thanks to all hope rest will be induced so soon.... anbd a grand unity will be formed ....
the conference ends with thanks a lot to all delegates and guests....
more details will be uploaded later..... 

03-02-2014: update on wage erosoin issue...

 Today, Com. Islam Ahmed, President, NFTE (BSNL) and Com. Rajpal Secy. NFTE (BSNL) met Sr.GM (Estt.) and discussed the Wage Erosion Issue for post 2007 recruited TTAs. It is learnt that only one increment will be extended to such staff who have entered in the PSU by May, 2010 and beyond this it is not possible. Matter is also under consideration if the same will be with or without arrears.
These Leaders also met CMD BSNL and urged him to use his good offices for early beneficial settlement of wage loss of post-2007 appointees and Pension, Terminal rules for Direct Recruits of BSNL.
So all the CC's/CP's/CS's should send their valuable suggestions to & so that the CHQ may decide future course of action on this issue.

SNATTA is committed for the favorable resolution of the Wage Erosion Issue.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

03-02-2014: A grand Circle Conference will be held on 08-02-2014.... all preparation is completed .... so come on guys and join our conference.........

Programme for Circle Conference SNATTA West Bengal Circle to be held on 8th  Feb. 2014.
08 Feb. 2014
1)     09:00: registration of names and collection of Coupons for meals and Gifts  and Tiffin Packet
2)    10:00:  Inauguration  through SHAHID BEDI Malyadan  
3)     10: 30 : welcome speech by CP
4)    10:35: speech on “Sampadakiyo pratibedan “ by CS

5)    10:45 : financial report submission of a) previous year b) uptodate 31-12-2013 by Treasurer
6)    11: 00 : Collective speech of every DS/ DP /Convener/cec members or any two of every ssa on the activity of previous CEC and proposal for further course of action and CHQ activity.. every SSA will be allowed for 10 minutes speech.
7)    12: 30 : reply of CS  on the speech of delegates
8)    12: 40: reply of CHQ representative on CHQ matter and CHQ activity.
9)    12: 45 : new committee formation
10)                       13: 15: speech of  CS of new body
11)                       13: 30 : Launch break...

12)                       14:30 : 2nd session : presidium will be conducted by New President.
13)                       14:30:Welcome of the dignitaries with flowervase & gifts & calendar.
14)                       14:40: Speech of Guests...  
5)  16: 00:   thankings to DRTTA s got JTO promotion... 
17)                       16: 30 : Declarartion of ending of conference by  President