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Monday, April 29, 2013

29-04-2013: Meeting of Circle Executive body on 27-04-2013 at CTO Building..meeting conducted during more than 4 hours...very exciting particiapation..thanks to all members, Com Majhi ACS , SNATTA CTD. SNATTA CTD is co-operating us very responsively. thanks to them.thans To com C. Basu for introductory meet with us ...details below.....

Dear  calleages,
First of all congratulation to all of you and your SSA members for your united effort to abide by the CHQ decision and voting our alliance partner in maximum way. This is the first time we are going to be the part of the councils at all level. BSNL needs these youngers participation to save  BSNL because in maximum cases the Trade unions are more categorical to save their shape of politics than BSNL. Hence we the TTAs who have to go long run in this organization need to be a part of Councils.
To concrete this objective , we have to be more united and our members should more aggressive to save our interest.

In our Circle we have  taken so many steps to make it a tightened unity. Friends only one or Two SSA was authenticated by CHQ only. Now maximum SSAs Body are approved by CHQ. . The rest part where the SSA Body not formed we from now shall have to try to form SSA body of that SSA.

Friends we have adopted rules to run our Circle very smoothly. This need arised as there was no clear constitution of SNATTA CHQ and hence we just adds some rules in addition to CHQ guidelines. . it is also very flexible in nature and any time it may ammended as and when need arised.  We shall request all  Circle  and Divisional office bearer to read the rules  and accomplish your part.

We have decided to fill up the hard copy of  form by all SSA members and scanned or Xerox copy should be sent to Circle for information. Some SSA yet not done . we expect it will be done very soon. It is highly needed to assure our regular collection.
Friends you know an association cant run without fund. It is very humiliating for the office bearer responsible to collect fund that when fund required , repeated intimation required to collect fund. We have to avoid such situation.  We have collect fund regularly and send fund immediately after notification.  To make the fund management very transparent, we have taken decision through the rule that after every financial year completetion , a balance sheet after audit by comptetnt authority as prescribedin rule wilol be published.. Krishnagar SSA in this case are very nicely prepared their balance sheet . all SSA office bearer are also requestd to prepare balance sheet at their level. To make accounts transparent to members.
Friends next three year is very crucial for BSNL as well as DRTTAs because any thing may be happened as the graph of BSNL shows bad sign to us. Hence we have to fight for our career as well as our BSNL.
Friends only those(although very few)will be responsible for our calamity who are still not with us and securing their selfishness. How ever we being an open minded association will approach to them to come with us and join our hands.

Lat of all we again appreciate to attendthe meeting and thanking you all…………..
SNATTA Zindabad………………..

Agenda of the meeting  on 27-04-2013

1)   Review of organizational unity at all leveland how to increase our performance, form fill up matter, rest SSA body formation.
2)   Policy of fund collection /revision of mothly subscription
3)   Submission of balance sheet/discussion on it.
4)   Expenditure procedure revision.
5)   Implementation of rules
6)   Policy of nomination of Councils.
7)   Wage revision issue
8)   JTO LICE issue
9)   EPF issue
10)                      Superannuation benefit issue.
11) GSM connection to TTAs
12)                      Miscelleneous

1) membership from any trade union otherthan NFTE is to be withdrawn before getting membership in LCM and RCM.
2) monthly subscription is kept same as previous Rs 30/- P/M/ break up is same as it was.
3) for immeidiate fund Rs. 300/- the previously declared amount is to be collected in SSAs where this collection was not made till now.
4) Due to technical problem balance sheet of previous year could not be done. but it is instructed to treasurer to publish it within a week.
5)Superannuatiion benefit issue is to be raised.
6) persuance of JTO LICE model question
7) wage revision issue to be sorted out immediately.
8) persue for GSM connection to TTAs also.
9) Etc.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

26-04-2013: New Body Of kolkata SSA................

the new body as below has been elected unanimously:
1) President: Pritam Khan, Kolkata SSA..mob: 9434570700
2) Vice President: Raghunath Mondal, Mogra S/W, 9475028500
3) Secretary: Pradip Mandi, Habra Trans, 9433769458
4) Asstt Secretary: Paresh Nath Paul, Arambagh Trans, 9475086688
5) Treasurer: Anupam sadhukhan< Mogra Trans, 9476120200
6) Auditor: Anirban Chowdhury, Jagatballavpur Trans, 9433100108
7) Executive member: Jagadish Paul, BB section, 9477229495
8) Executive Member: Subodh Mondal, Diamond harbour S/W, 9475178836
9) SashiBhusan kumar, arambagh Trans, 8900572503

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23-04-2013: Circle Executive Meeting on 27-04-2013 at CTO Building, Kolkata.....from 11 am to 5 pm

All the Circle Executive Committee members and District President and Treasurer are invited in the meeting....all are requested to attend the meeting positively....

23-04-2013: A group Discussion Cum training on JTO LICE may be arranged at CTTC salt lake....All DSs are requested to send the name of the interested candidates..witin two days.....

23-04-2013: JTO LICE regarding............................

the admit cards issued by Circle...please persue your SSA to Colect the admit cards from Circle....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

18-04-2013 : RESULT of 6 th membership verification...............

BSNLEU     =   99,380 (48.60%).
NFTE          =   61,915 (30.28%).
FNTO          =  14,088 (6.89%).
no single union got more than 50 percent.. hence proportionate reperesentation at all level will be at Councils....

Saturday, April 6, 2013


                                                        Circular Regarding Asst. Circle Secretary

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

04-04-2013: Only the SNATTA is carefull to DRTTAs..and if anyone of DRTTA is found careless to SNATTA then he/she may be designated categorically JUST selfish to his/her own

04-04-2013: Clarification on JTO LICE...........................

Consistent pursuance yield the results!!!!! AGM (Pers-IV) BSNLCO with the approval of competent authority, issued clarification regarding JTO (T) LICE under 35% and 15% quota.
(1) Max age limit issue: It is clarified that Cut off date for reckoning age of the candidate would be 1st July of respective vacancy year for which the candidature of a particular official is being considered. Previously the cut off date for max age limit was the date of examination. Pl Click here for the clarification.
(2) Instrumentation branch issue: It is clarified that Diploma in Instrumentation/ Instrument is equivalent to the Diploma in Branches mentioned in JTO RR 2001. It has already been clarified that Bachelor of Engineering in  Instrumentation/ Instrumentation Technology is equivalent to the Branches mentioned in JTO RR 2001. Pl Click here for the clarification.
It is also clarified that adequate time from 7 to 10 days may be extended by the circles for facilitating the filling up of the forms by the prospective candidates. SNATTAChq conveys sincere thanks to BSNL management, NFTE & all of our active members for their untiring efforts.



Monday, April 1, 2013

01-04-2013: Dear DRTTAs, dont loose our unity....if we loose it we shall loose our every demand...if any one loose the unity he/she will be the only one for whom/by whom we are loosing our demand.....

01-04-2013: Tribunal directs BSNL chief to consider petitioner’s case for news ( HINDU)

The Central Administrative Tribunal, Madras Bench, has directed the Chairman–cum-Managing Director (CMD) of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to consider the case of a woman officer for promotion to the post of Principal General Manager.
The Bench, comprising its members B. Venkateswara Rao and R. Satapathy, also asked the BSNL to pass appropriate orders promoting Nalini S. Rao, a Group ‘A’ officer, to the post from the date on which her juniors have been promoted.
Ms. Nalini claimed that the promotion was denied to her whereas her juniors had been promoted overlooking her claim. The denial of the promotion was mainly because her overall grading in the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) for 2008-2009 was just “good.”
According to BSNL, the benchmark grading for promotion is “very good” and in the preceding five years from the date of convening of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC), she got one “good” which was below benchmark and hence she had not been considered.
Disposing the contention made by the BSNL, the Bench said denying promotion on the lone entry of “good” for one year appears to be harsh decision whereas for the rest of the years she has been graded either “outstanding” or “very good.”
“When an officer is physically fit to do her work and has also got irreproachable integrity and ability, she cannot be said to be unfit for promotion,” added the Bench.