Any suggestion regarding development of SNATTA westbengal …. pl. mail to our cs in e-mail ID or to our CP at mail

Monday, December 6, 2010

SNATTA formed in NE-I Circle!!!

A efficacious conjunction was held at Agartala, Press Club On 5th December for 5 hrs with maximum attendance of TTA's of Tripura SSA with enthusiasm & fervor. The Circle Secretary of WBSNATTA, MR.PROBIR SIKDER conducted the meeting. All the TTA's wholeheartedly supported the SNATTA formation & took the necessary steps to join SNATTA and completed the formalities with submission of completed membership forms. In the meeting some resolutions are passed and a debate was organised on the topic "Giving Support in next Membership verification". Click here for body.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joint Action Committee (JAC) has decided to defer the strike

Joint Action Committee (JAC) has decided to defer the strike owing to the agreement with BSNL management and DOT.

Main agreement: It is replied by the BSNL management that there are visible signs of improvement in the Financial condition of BSNL and thus it is ready to reconsider the merger of 78.2% IDA with the basic as on 31.12.2006. click here

Friday, November 26, 2010

Good News

A very fruitful and near conclusive meeting took place regarding the reduction in emoluments of TTAs due to wage revision. We and BSNLEU strongly demanded 30% fitments to all DRTTAs . Next meeting will probably be held in second week of deccember-2010. click here


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Regarding meeting

Meeting regarding wage negotiation of TTAs joining after 2007 has been fixed on 26 th November 2010 .

Regarding Diversion Issue in Chandigarh Court

Chandigarh high court has directed the BSNL management to implement the earlier orders on diversion case. The date of hearing has been fixed on 13th January 2011.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One good News!!

Govt allows additional subsidy to BSNL for WIMAX service and a directive to all PSU and Govt. Dept. to avail BSNL service. As per PTI.

Important Notice.....

The Duration of Tel-conference meeting is maximum one hour and started at sharp 2PM. Our CC, CP and CS are requested to attain 10 minutes before 2pm, so that meeting may be started at scheduled time with proper agenda. No one will be allowed to discuss other than scheduled Agenda.
Each SSA unit have 2minutes time slot to represent their views and every one should come with proper preparation.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Minutes of the Meeting with CGM..

Our President Mr Jagadish Paul , Mr Amit Khan Div Secy krishnanagar and other office bearers with Com Animesh Mitra Circle Secy BSNLEU meet with CGM WBTC on 4th Nov . They represent our circle office bearer list to CGM and discussed our issues and demands. Basically discussion was on 1. JTO LICE, 2. Wage Settlement for new TTAs joined after 2007, 3. Mobile connection to all TTAs. One proposal was given for posting of officiating JTO to those TTAs who are completing 7 years till conduction of JTO LICE. He assured give his best effort and told to Com Animesh Mitra to write letters on their issues.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Minutes of the General Meeting of khargpur SSA held on 30 OCT 2010.

The General Meeting was started at 1:30 PM. 26 members are present. Meeting was mainly focused on developed of our FITMENT-BENEFIT issue and the status of cort caeses for JTO LICE. Central coordinator Mr Banabihari Narendrasingh described all about held in the AIC of SNATTA at GOA.Unanimously it was decided to collect Monthly Subscription Fee to Rs 30/month from JANUARY-2011. Our Div Sec President Sri Predeep Sen described very nicely on the necessity of our unity. Resolutions are passed to focus in front of management for better health of our Dept.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kharagpur SSA Level meeting..

On 30th october kharagpur SSA level meeting will be held at D-TAX building kharagpur. All KGP SNATTA members are requested to to attain the meeting positively.

Meeting with NFTE.......

Our Siliguri Divsinal President Mr. Amal Roy alongwith team members meet with Com. Chandeshwar Singh G.S. NFTE on 27-10-10 at siliguri. Meeting was very sucessful ands specifically mentioned the failure of agreement between SNATTA & BSNLEU. And how the recognized union is fail to resolve the issues of SNATTA and of the staff in general. He assured to give support of NFTE for reducing the service condition for JTO LICE to 5 years and also assured to work for time bound promotions for the non executives without exams. He also assured to workout for 30% fitment benifit towards new TTAs joined after 2007.

Service Mobile Connection

SNATTA WB CIRCLE got , it's 1st big achivement from Jalpaiguri SSA . Overcoming all the problems , finally they achived Service Mobile Connection with CUG facility . SNATTA WB CIRCLE really thankful to them. Now, SNATTA WB CIRCLE will raise this demand from all the SSA . All the TTAs are requested to start campaining and try to convince their management.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Ernakulam court case

Kerla BSNL management is not cooperating for ernaculam court case as a result he again requested more time. But this time corporate office was not satified with the wayward reply prepared by kerla circle. CAT allowed a last two week time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of our member Mr. Amal Roy /TTA, O/o The GMT/Siliguri, is selected for Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak -2010 award. Congratulation and best wishes for his achievment from SNATTAWB.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010


AIC-GOA brings new way of hope for all TTAs,because,GS- NFTE & BSNLEU,both convinced by our demands & by our strength ,hope +ve result will come before election. General Secretary SNATTA writes to Comrade P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU for immediate attention and resolution of our core issues.For details find SNATTA CHQ website.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Message From Founder GS SNATTA

Dear Friends

On the request of our GS SNATTA Mr. Dharmendra Verma, yesterday I met with management in BSNL corporate office to invite them in our forthcoming AIC at Goa . Management accepted the request and promised to try their level best to attend the AIC at Goa.

At the same time I discussed our core issues with the management.

(1) On the issue of wage of new DRTTA, I urged for the early conduction of committee meeting as promised in the recent National Council meeting. Management mentioned that till now no one has suggested suitable formula for the settlement of issue. So friends, we have to finalize the suitable formula. In my view we may draw the formula like this "Extension of 30% fitment benefit to all non executives employees joined up to the date of issue of non executives Wage Orders".

Pl Comment to finalize a suitable formula.

(2) On the issue of JTO departmental exam SNATTA registered their strong protest to management regarding non cooperation of Kerala BSNL management. The matter is sub-judice.

(3) On the issue of change of designation from TTA to JET, no meeting has taken place since a long. I have requested management for early settlement of issue. I hereby request our designation committee member Mr. Hakam Singh to take the initiative in this regard.

On the above issues I personally felt that BSNLEU has not taken up our issues seroiusly to settle our demands. A very serious discussion is required in our forthcoming AIC at Goa.


Dhiraj Chaudhary


Thursday, September 23, 2010

A meeting was held on 20/09/10 with Com. Animesh Mitra and members of our core committee at CTO Building,Kol. Our Circle Secretary ,Mr. Probir Sikder submitted the list of nominated members for LCM & RCM . Our President Mr. Jagadish Pal expressed his protest against the recent order came from Kol SSA, regarding TTA Work Load. Mr. Mitra took both the matter seriously , and assured us for the justice.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kharagpur SSA Body, meet with GM on 16.09.2010 . He shows deep interest on us and discuss with various issues for more than One & half hour . Some of our TTA raise demand for Mobile Connection , he gives assurance to look after the matter in near future.

We request the rest SSA Body, to meet with GM as early as possible.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


All the SSA Sec, are requested to conduct a meeting with all TTAs of your SSA on 25th September , or subsequently date suitable for you .

Agenda :

  1. AIC in GOA , our demand .
  2. An order issued in KOL SSA regarding TTA's job.
  3. How much strength we have till date.
  4. On line membership .

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Committee under the Chairmanship of Sh. D.P. De, General Manager (Estt), BSNL, will start to work very soon. SNATTA CHQ is asking ,from all of our members ,What will be our next demand if management is not agree to give 30% Fitments ? So, it is the best time for sending your demands. Please mail urgently to Circle Sec:

Monday, September 6, 2010


It is decided by SNATTA Chq. to extend only moral support to the Strike on 7th September Call given by the CPSTU supported by the BSNL employees unions.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good News..........

Finally one of our long pending demand of allowing the professionally qualified DRTTAs/ Non executives to pursue management studies under the BSNL employees distance learning scheme similarly on the same lines as executives is accepted by the Management. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Sh. Neeraj Verma, General Manager (trg) for this kind gesture.

Brief news from 24th NCM.

On the issue of Pay Protection to the Non Executive employees recruited on and after 01.01.2007 by way 30% fitment benefit, management and staff side argued their viewpoint strongly. Management side has accepted that the pay protection formula envisaged in the Wage Orders is not at all effective to address the issue and thus a comprehensive formula has to be devised to solve the issue.From SNATTA site 30% fitment benefit is demanded as given to the JTO (T) recruited after 01.01.2007. Since the management side insisted on some other formula as compensation, it was agreed to sit outside the National Council under the Chairmanship of Sh. D.P. De, General Manager (Estt), BSNL, Corporate Office to explore the ways to solve the issue.It has happened first time ever that the issue will be continued in the NCM till it is resolved even though a separate committee will look into it. CHQ will make all out efforts to get the genuine right of the DRTTAs recruited after 01.01.2007.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Good News.....

As per central Govt. rule, eligibilty criteria for diploma holders to sit in LICE is 5 years and for BE holders is 3 years. But in our dept. it is 10 years for us.
Those who are getting higher qualification , they must gain
incentives but our dept. not providing us. Now full supporting documents is with us and management is compel to fulfil our rights. Everything will uploaded in details later....
B Narendrasingh


Following Delegates are selected to attain fourth SNATTA AIC at GOA from our Circle.
1-Banabihari Narendrasingh, 2-Jagadish Paul, 3-Probir Sikdar, 4-Jaynta Mishra, 5-Amit ku Singha, 6-Amit Khan, 7-Ashok Ghosh, 8-Bireswar Mondal, 9-Pranab ku Das.
All members are requested to convey their problems and proposals to raise their local delegates at goa AIC.
all delegates are requested to make them ready for AIC in all respects.
B Narendrasingh

Saturday, August 14, 2010


SNATTA Salute to every devoted soldier of INDEPENDENCE and the soldier who devoted his life to save our INDIA....


Friday, August 13, 2010

Notice For Asst. CS of SNATTAWB

Responsibility of Asst. Circle Secretaries are fixed for the following SSAs.
For Anirban Choudhari-
1.Kol 2.KNG 3.BHR 4.MLD 5.JLP 6.CHB 7.RNG

For Rakesh Kumar Saha

B Narendrsingh

Important NOTICE

On 18 / 08 /2010 i.e. Wednesday , Time : 12 noon . All the Delegates for AIC will purchase their Ticket for Goa .
Date of Journey 30-09-2010
Train : Amrabati Express,
Train No : 8047 .
From :Howrah (HWH) to Vasco Da Gama (VSG)

Prabir Sikdar/CS/SNATTAWB

Secretarial Speech :

First of all I’m very much thankful to all the DRTTAs , that they have chosen me in such a responsible post i.e. CS of West Bengal SNATTA.

I would like to congratulate all my colleagues who were also chosen in Circle Body.

This is my promise to all DRTTAs of WB and SIKIM .

1. Each and every member of SNATTA WB CIRCLE will get same importance and all the information will share equally whether they are active participant or not .

2. I will always gladly accept all the NEW and CREATIVE ideas to make SNATTA strong.

3. I will always try to protect all the DRTTAs if any unlawful activity happen with them.

4. I will put max. thrust for getting Fitment Benefit or something like that .


Probir Sikder, CS WBSNATTA.

Appreciative work done by Krishnanagar SSA

Secratary of Krishnanagar SSA mr. Amit Khan with his executive members have a introductary meet with GM/KSH, DE/Admn, Divisional secretary of BSNLEU, Secretary of SNEA, Secy. of AIBSNLEA, Secy. of AIGETOA yesterday. All appreciates them and promised for best cooperation with them.
SNATTAWB appreciates their work and expect from other SSA to have such kind of associative work.
B Narendrasingh

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Outcomes of Meeting held with SNATTA & BSNLEU

A meeting was held on 10-08-2010 at CTO Building with Circle Body members of SNATTA and CS of BSNLEU, Com. Animesh Mitra. It was an introductory meeting with Circle Secretary. Mr. Probir Sikder raised three demands to CS, BSNLEU.
 According to agreement with BSNLEU and SNATTA, they will give Two (2) seats in LCM and RCM for the SNATTA members. Now, we ask for the seats.
 Conducting JTO-LIC exam earliest and give fitment benefit for DRTTAs joining after 1.1.2007.
 Service Connection with Mobile Set and monthly talk value of Rs.325 for DRTTAs working in fields.
He takes the issues seriously and assured for taking necessary action.

Prabir Sikder

Monday, August 9, 2010

Message from SNATTA G.S

A very serious discussion took place on the fitment to the TTAs. Management agreed to further explore the issue. A decission might be taken by the management in the next NCM.

B Narendrasingh

Friday, August 6, 2010

" Letter for your GM about Pay deduction happen after Pay Revision . "

This is requested to all DRTTAs , whose salary has been decreased
after Pay Revision.Please attach two pay slips which will clearly
shows the difference of Pay deduction
Probir Sikder

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Message From G.S SNATTA

On concrete assurance given by CMD BSNL to solve our issues, todays lunch Hour demonstration stays postponed. CMD will call Meeting soon with UF.

Dharmendra Verma

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


As per circle guidance jalpaiguri ssa conduct their ssa body meeting at conference hall 3rd floor O/o the GMT/Jalpaiguri BSNL on 1-08-2010 Successfully.
We hope all ssa will also follow the same for better unit in SSA level.


Telephonic conferenceing meeting was held with all divisional secretaries on 2nd aug-2010 on 12 pm . It was highly appreciation by SNATTACHQ and most probably this is the first attempt from our our circle. It was conducted by Krishnanagar ssa . we are very much thankful to their effort.

1-Candidate selection for AIC.
2-Policy for collecting delegation charges
3-For conducting meeting with GM and SSA secretaries of BSNLEU with our ssa executive body

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I need your help & support.

To form the body of Asansole SSA . It is the only SSA remaining , They fell themselves alone and may have a threat from other union . If U all talk with each & every member , I fell they will gather some moral support , which is most necessary things for our UNITY.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Every Members of SNATTAWB are requested to communicate with our Circle Secretary about their problems and suggestions through our Official e-mail ID

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decissions taken from circle meeting of SNATTAWB

We would like to congratulate all the DRTTAs that our Circle body has approved by SNATTA CHQ. In the conference some decisions have taken by the House.

1. Our main Agenda is to achieve all Fitment Benefit for DRTTAs joining on/after January 2007.
2. A meeting will held in every month in every SSA.
3. Our next conference will held in North Bengal.
4. Two members from each SSA will attend in ALL INDIA CONFERENCE in GOA.
5. A monthly subscription of Rs. 30 will start from July’10. All the district Treasures will collect the money and communicate with circle treasurer.
6. We will continue with our alliance party i.e. BSNLEU till further notice from SNATTACHQ.

7. One core committee is formed to fight for pay anomaly. The committee bearers are 1. Mr Banabihari Narendrasingh, 2. Mr Prabir Sikdar, 3.Bireswar Mondal, 4.Debasish Das

8. Another core committee is formed to fight against delay from management to conduct JTO LICE. The committee bearers are 1. Mr Banabihari Narendrasingh 2.Mr Jagadish pal
3. Mr. Pramil Roy, 4 Mr Tuhin Dutta,

All members can see our new circle body from circle body column from our website.

Monday, July 12, 2010

All India Conference of SNATTA

All India Conference of SNATTA is scheduled to be held on 2nd October, 2010. Maharashtra Circle will be hosting the All India Conference. The All India Conference will be held in Goa. It is requested to all the Circles to intimate their members who will be coming to the All India Conference on the CHQ email id latest by 10th July, 2010. A maximum of 25 members from each Circle will be allowed. Further details about the venue, delegate fee, agendas, etc would be intimated in due course.

Message From Mr. Dharmendra Verma G.S. SNATTA Dt 12.07.2010

The SLP IN S.C. has been defeated. We have won.

Dharmendra Verma


SNATTA CHQ Dt 09.07.2010

SLP filed by BSNL officers Association (TTAs offcg. as JTOs) in Hon. Supreme court of India against the order of Hon. High Court of Punjab and Haryana is posted on 12th July, 2010.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2nd Circle Conference of SNATTAWB

The Circle Conference of SNATTAWB was held on 3rd july 2010 at CTTC Salt lake Kolkata under the presidium of central Coordinator SNATTAWB. Com Animesh Mitra circle Secretary BSNLEU of west Bengal addressed the Conference as the Chief Guest.
The Conference unanimously elected Circle Office Bearers with Mr Jagadish paul as President and Mr. Prabir Sikdar as Circle Secretary. Circle body is ready to publish after authorized by SNATTA CHQ. The list of circle body office Bearers as mentioned below. We hope all responsible member will participate actively and do something NEW, something CREATIVE, and something UNIQUE and something more which other can think.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Mail your valuable guidance to Sh. Hakam Singh, Member Change of Designation Committee on and


Mail your valuable guidance to Sh. Hakam Singh, Member Change of Designation Committee on and


SNATTA CHQ decides to withhold the membership withdrawal programme till further clarification.


Sh. Jagdish Paul, CS, SNATTA WB & Sh. Kaushik Gosh, CC, SNATTA CTD met Comrade P. Abhimanyu General Secretary, BSNLEU & Comrade VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and presented the demand of fitment to all the DRTTAs recruited on and after 01.01.2007. The meeting lasted for nearly 1 1/2 hours.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Circle Conference

It is hereby notified that circle Conference of Sanchar Nigam Association of Telecom Technical Assistance will be held at CTTC salt Lake Kolkata 3rd July 2010. MR Banabihari Narendrasingh central coordinator of SNATTA for westbengal circle will preside over the conference.
COM Animesh Mitra circle Secretary of BSNLEU will be the chief Guest.
The exact venue of the conference will be reception committee.


Mr. Jagadish Paul CIRCLE SECRETARY of SNATTA W.B. Circle writes to G.M. Finance regarding Pay Anomaly occur with the direct recruited TTA of BSNL, who were appointed on or after 01-01-2007.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


SNATTA CHQ while considering all the developments and giving due respect to the feelings of its members and officer bearers has decided that each and every DRTTA would withdraw his/her membership from BSNLEU/NFTE/FNTO/BMS etc unions before 15th July, 2010. The option form to stop the deduction can be submitted through proper channel till 15th July, 2010 only. The application to stop the deduction can be given on plain A4 size paper. The compiled data of such members should be prepared by each Circle Secretary and should be send to the CHQ on Remember we neither the Soldiers of BSNLEU nor NFTE. Start to get united to achieve the desired results on our concerning issues. Each DS has his responsibility to get this job done by 15th July, 2010.


Change of designation committee meets on 29.06.2010. Sh. Hakam Singh nominated member will attend the meeting from SNATTA side.


CHQ register strong protest with BSNLEU on the agenda submitted for 24th NCM.


Agenda submitted for the 24th NCM.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

SNATTA WB had a meeting with Mr. Animesh Mitra, 23rd june 2010 at CTO Building KOLKATA and discussed about anomaly found with the Non Executive pay revision order, Communication between BSNLEU WB & SNATTA WB and JTO LICE. Mr. Mitra responded positively.

SNATTA WEST BENGAL circle conference

SNATTA WEST BENGAL circle conference is scheduled to be held on 3rd July 2010 at CTTC Saltlake, Kolkata. All members are cordially invited. Please participate. Contact Person Jagadish Paul 9477229495, Tuhin Datta9432086313, Probir Sikder 9332973832.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


CS of SNATTA W.B. Mr. Jagadish Paul writes to All India G.S. SNATTA Mr. Dharmendra Verma Request to take strong action against the pay anomaly occurred with DRTTA 2007 & 2008 batch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some anomaly found with the Non Executive pay revision order

anomaly found with the Non Executive pay revision order for making pay fixation in the cadre of T.T.A who join after 01/01/2007. Revised Pay Scale NE-9 (13600-3%-25420) was allotted against Pre Revised Scale(7100-200-10100) for new recruited T.T.A (join after 01/01/2007). With fixation formula arrived in the wage Committee it is found that the decrease in the salary (Basic) in the pay scale of the new recruited TTAs.

Please go through the following example.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why our unity is necessary ? A bitter experience sharing with you.

Mr. R.N.BASAK (JTO Muthadanga/CAL SSA) was acting as a look after SDE for 21 days. Within this short period he gave one of our TTA namely SANDIP DAS ( TTA Champadanga/CAL SSA ) a warning letter like as a MEMO.
We made a strong protest against this & with the help of SNATTA CHQ we made an agitation to DE ( Hooghly/CAL SSA) and force the JTO ( acting as SDE ) to say “SORRY” in front of all TTAs & Officers and he withdraw the letter.
Please find the letter below.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Message Form Manish Samadhiya ALL INDIA PRESIDENT SNATTA

Most of the senior TTA are receiving less salary as compared to juniors because on revised scales immediate juniors get there next increment before the senior & in this way pay anomaly is generated. In case of Executives BSNL Corporate office issued order( atteched with this mail pls open with PDF) for one Extra increment (with some condition) to such seniors, in order to remove the anomaly.

But as in case of DR TTA every year recruitment is going on so we may have chance to get more then one increment. SNATTACHQ is well aware with this situation & hopeful for some extra increments to almost all DR TTA's.

Saturday, June 5, 2010



it is only SNATTA, who always look forward for TTA's....
SNATTA has raised a lot of issues about TTA's....filed a lot of case for fruith to TTA's....... .turned JTO LICE exam from 10 to 7 yr & still fighting for 5yr............ ......... THEN WHO WILL BE MORE BENEFITTED?? ??????ONLY US & US.......... ...

it is the time to re think to all new DRTTA's (2007 & 2008 batch) that why it is so important to be an active member of SNATTA.....

**** A Message from Santosh Anand CS/SNATTA CTD ****

Friday, June 4, 2010


Government on Disinvestment Spree

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


CHQ asks the BSNLEU leadership to seriously take up the issue of loss in the salaries and emoluments of the DRTTA's of the batch 2007 & 2008 due to the 2nd pay scale revision. The settlement can be arrived by giving them fitment as is given to the DRJTO's of 2005 batch and or given by the Tamilnadu government to its employees and or give them 5 additional increments in the revised pay.Letter

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BSNL orders

Antedating of the date of increment in revised scales of executives to the senior on par with junior-reg.

BSNL orders

Anomaly due to increment of earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised scale on implementation of 2nd PRC.

CS of SNATTA W.B. writes to Comrade P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU

CIRCLE SECRETARY of SNATTA W.B. Circle writes to Comrade P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU regarding Pay Anomaly occur with the direct recruited TTA of BSNL, who were appointed on or after 01-01-2007.

Letter to CS SNATTAWB form a DRTTA 2008 batch

Letter to CS SNATTAWB regarding Anomaly find in pay fixation of newly recruited T.T.A who join after 01/01/2007.

Friday, May 28, 2010


SNATTA CHQ writes to Comrade P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU. Letter

CC of SNATTA W.B. writes to General Secretary, SNATTA

Central Coordinator of SNATTA West Bengal Mr. Banabihari Narendrasingh writes to Dharmendra Verma General Secretary, SNATTA regarding the situation of SNATTA members of westbengal circle.