Any suggestion regarding development of SNATTA westbengal …. pl. mail to our cs in e-mail ID or to our CP at mail

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

01-08-2013:It is understood that series of meeting is being conducted by snatta & NFTE leaders with administration regarding wage loss issue and etc....

All India President/snatta Manish Smadhiya, All India Organising Secretary/snatta Sri Anoop Mukherjee,  Our wage Loss Committee member Naresh Vallakati  and ALL India President/NFTE Com Islam Ji, All India General Secretray/NFTE Com C Singh Ji  conddusting series of meeting and long discussion with administration of Corporate office during last two days. Today another meeting with DIR ( HR) is to be held.

  More Details will be uploaded later.........

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 It is decided to form a committee to represent/forward suggestions on the Wage Erosion Issue to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by Corporate Office. The following Executive Members are proposed to be the members of the committee under the leadership of Mr.Anup Mukherjee (Organizing Secretary):-
Mr. Naresh Vallakati (Executive Member), Mr. Maneesh K Parameswaran (Executive Member),
Mr. RB Singh (Executive Member), Mr. Sunil Gautam (Executive Member)
The committee thus formed will actively participate to compile the data based on the DPE Guide Lines/study of similar issues solved by other PSUs or from any relevant source of information, so that the same can be presented to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by Corporate Office.
Other SNATTA CHQ members will extend all the possible help to the committee and guide them through out the process.

In this backdrop, all the members of SNATTA are requested to send their valuable suggestions, neatly compiled, to & so that same can be studied and made use of. CHQ requests all its members to actively participate in this process.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

19-07-2013: Next date of hearing on stay case on JTO LICE result ( which was filed Off JTO group) of WBTC in Honble Kolkata CAT is on 02-08-2013....

18.07.2013: Asansol SSA deposited Rs 2200/- on 12.07.2013 towards Circle fund.

18.07.2013: Extension of 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL Direct Rectuits

A committee has been formed by the Corporate Office to examine the provisions of Superannuation Benefits to all the Directly Recruited Employees of BSNL. In this connection, a letter has been received by our alliance partner NFTE to furnish comments/suggestions to the committee by 22nd July 2013.

All Members are requested to give their comments/suggestions at, so that the same can be compiled and sent to our alliance partner, NFTE CHQ, for further forwarding it to the said committee. The information may be based on the superannuation benefits already existing in other PSUs or any such similar entities.

The matter may be treated as MOST URGENT
pl go through the files attached herewith and reply at the earliest.. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

18-07-2013: all members are requested to give ur valuable suggestion alongwithdocuments.. to snatta or to immediately regarding 30 % superannuation benefit......issue.. it is urgent...

superannuation issue is purely benefit of direct recruits so give suggestion  and try for it...

18-07-2013: Hurdles of JTO LICE regarding Contempt Case is further recurring... freind again fight may be required strengthen our fund .. otherwise snatta wb will be silent having no sufficient fund.....if it continues it will damage the TTAs future in a total.....

some TTAs are found very selfish  regarding movement of snatta..... they are very clever to safe in their level.. but sadly they are not thinking that  future is being quashed.. how sad  it for us...  this people are the only reason for whom our demand is not being fulfilled...

if all the TTAs get united it is sure   we shall have no obstruction to fulfil our demand... friend feel it and fulfil our unity.

18-07-2013: Sri Bidyut Roy, TTA/Durgapur Division deposited additional amount RS. 400/- towards Circle Fund.... thanks to sri Bidyut Roy.. we need this spirit of TTAs....but some TTAs are found very clever and saving their amount from giving it to snatta .. but they dont feel as such they may loose more....


17.07.2013   Meeting of SNATTA Kharagpur SSA of West Bengal Telecom Circle will be held on 19th july (friday) at TRC Club D-Tax M/W Building Inda, Kharagpur from 1 pm Onward.

All members are requested to attend the most urgent meeting.
 स्वागतम स्वागतम स्वागतम !!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

08-07-2013: BSNL CO has issued order for deduction of one day salary (Basic) from the salary of JULY 2013 of the employees of BSNL towards Prime Minister Relief Fund for Uttarakhand massacre...

if anyone interested, nothing  to do, it will be deducted from salary of July 2013.

if anyone not interested to contribute as above may write to respective  AO( Cash), BSNL for no-deduction  within 10 th July, 2013.

07-07-2013: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) geared up to install 8,700 new towers...teletalk.. news..

In a bid to improve quality of 2G and 3G mobile services, India’s National telecom backbone backbone and 5th largest mobile service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) geared up to install 8,700 new towers.
BSNL Chairman & Managing Director Mr. R K Upadhyay said that “company is planning to invest Rs 4000 crore on 2G and 3G mobile network across India. We will be installing 8,700 2G and 3G mobile towers.The network expansion, which is currently underway, is likely to be completed in couple of months.
BSNL has already placed order for procuring equipment / mobile towers for North and South zones and it would place a contract for the East and West zone soon.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

05.07.2013: A general body meeting of SNATTA held at Siliguri SSA on 4th July 2013 at 08:00 pm over teleconference.

Majority of members of SNATTA siliguri division, along with DP, DS, DT were present at the meeting. Very fruitful discussions made regarding LCM issue.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

03.07.2013: DS/SNATTA.slg along with other members of SNATTA meet GMT siliguri on 02.07.2013..

On persuasion of SNATTA/slg body, a formal meeting between SNATTA/slg and GMT/slg held on 02.07.2013 04:00 pm.
President Sri Amal Roy, DS Sri Jagannath Sarkar, DT Sri Sandip Das Asst. DS Sri Soumitra paul and others were present at the meeting.