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Friday, January 31, 2014

01-02-2014: we strongly protest administrative proposal for one increment.......

01-02-2014: BSNLEU wrirtes letter to Management protesting the one increment proposal.....

01-02-2014: it is learnt that only one increment is proposed for pay loss ......

01-02-2014: circle conference work list......

Distribution of work load among reception committee members are as below as such the allotted members are requested to act accordingly so that our conference may be done very smoothly:
1)    Flex Banner and poster  and all related work : Anupam Sadhukhan/KOL ( In-charge ) , 9476120200, Avijit Das/KOL,9477482949, subrata sadhukhan ,9748468585
2)    Invitation and receipt  of guests regarding responsibility  : B.N. Singh  , 9434001257/KOL,Amit Khan/KSH9434055866, Jagadish Paul/KOL947229495,  Pradip Mandi, 9475014316 /KOLand others
3)    Fooding :a)Paresh Nath Paul/KOL ( In-Charge ) 9475086688,b) Dhrubadas banik/KSH, 9474029007c) Debashish chakra barty/DGP/9434312738 d) Jagadish Paul /kol, 9477229495 e) sandip mahato/KGP 9434373410
4)    Lodging  : a)Bidyut Roy/DGP ( IN-charge ) , 9475100555 b) Manick Mandal/KSH, 9434551338
5)    TRC Hall and Sound : a)Anirban Choudhury/KOL(In-charge) 9433100108, b)sankar Prasad maity/KOL9475756522/9475012774,c) supritam Paul/SLG, 9434885721
6)    Registration of delegates, meal coupon and batch distribution and fee collection :a) Raghunath Mandal /KOL( In-charge ), 9475028500 b) Subodh Mondal , 9475178836
7)    Preparation of all gifts ( batch, pad, pen, file bag etc) :a) Pritam Khan ( In-charge ) ,9434570700 b) subrata Dhali 9433143371
8)    Flower : Jagadish Paul ( In-charge ), 9477229495
9)    Welcome of guests with flower : a)khusbu Agarwal 9434209448,b) Munmun Chatterjee9434333068 etc
10)                       Sms and communication and co-ordination with SSAs :a) Jagannath Sarkar/SLG(In-charge), 9475396240 b)  samar Adhikary /KGP 9831755371,c) Rupam Kumar Basak(raiganj) 9474313552, d)Bidyasagar Supekar( purulia), 9434873699
11)                       Database preparation : Swati Das/ Malda (In-charge), 9475092635, soumitra Paul(SLG), 9434553939

12)                       Tea and Water In-charge : Rupam Karmakar(Kol) ( In-charge) , 9434196661 Subhendu Saha ( suri)9476342143, subrata sadhukhan/KSH, 9748468585 

31-01-2014: Gist of krishnagar SSA body

DIVISIONAL PRESIDENT: Mohan Paul ,9474023555
DIVISIONAL  SECY: SriManick Mandal , 9434141403
TREASURER : Munmun Chattejee, 9434333068

31-01-2014: re-arranged body of krishnagar SSA is approved by CHQ.....copy is attached click here for copy

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

30-01-2014: information requires regarding wage loss per Naresh Vallakati EM member snatta

"Other PSUs revised pay scales to post 2007 employees fairly on par with employees serving before 01.01.2007. For example Diploma entry pay scales revised as follows. 

NTPC Ltd Revised the Pay scale 6700-11750 to 15500-34500 

Airport Authority of India Revised the Pay scale 6300-180-8460-200-12060 to 14500-33500 

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd Revised the Pay scale 7300-12660 to 16000-35500 

Where as in BSNL the pay scale 7100-200-10100 was revised to 13600-25420"

I request each and every DRTTA to please search for pay slip of NTPC Ltd or Airport Authority of India or Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd employee who joined after 01.01.2007 in pre revised pay scale, later his pay scale is revised. 

It is duty of every DRTTA to pass this information to DRTTAs until we get one pay slip in which 50% DA merger ( DP in BSNL) in pre revised pay scale was allowed to employees joined after 01.01.2007 in any of above 3 PSU's (i.e NTPC Ltd or Airport Authority of India or Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd). 

If you got the pay slip please send to

30-01-2014: a SAD news ....

Our beloved TTA friend of Siliguri SSA...... Roshan Barla....who was posted at Kalimpong .  was suddenly expired at 1 A.M. on 30-01-2014 ... his age was approaximately 32+ yrs...and he had only a one year child. his residence is in Bagdogra., siliguri.
we express our deep mourn for loosing our beloved friend.. it was very shocking for us and also we should stand beside the family of Late Roshan Barla....
we have no words to express it.
snatta WBTC as well as snatta CHQ will surely stand beside the family.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

27.01.2014: Government decides to increase the monthly pension to Rs.1,000/-

It is reported that the government has decided to raise the minimum pension to Rs.1, 000 per month, which will benefit around 27 lakh workers. It may be noted that at present a large number of employees in the unorganised sector are getting even Rs.20 or Rs.40 as monthly pension. The Central Trade Unions have long been pressurising the government to increase the quantum of pension. Further, it is also reported that the government has decided to raise the ceiling of employer's contribution to EPF from the present Rs. 6,500 to Rs.15,000.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

24.01.2014: BSNL EU CHQ wrote to Director (HR) yesterday 23.01.2014, regarding wage loss of employees appointed after 01.01.2007.. Click Here for the letter...

24.01.2013: Circle Conference Budget regarding..

All DSs are requested to start Collecting the Subscriptions for forthcoming Circle Conference... The amount decided are as follows....

1. JTO LICE qualified Members... Rs 1000/- per member.
2. Other Members... Rs 300/- + any previous due monthly Subscription..


1. The SSAs which have not deposited any amount till date have to deposit Rs 500/- per member by which their account will be considered as updated upto 31st Dec 2013.
2. The Circle Committee is considering to refund the Travel Expenditure for the member, traveling more than 100 k.m. to attend circle conference... The final decision will be taken by the competent authority and will be uploaded latter...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


After a long long fight at last we are achieved our main motto i.e on dtd. 13-01-2014 posting order of JTOs from DR TTAs are issued. It is due to our Unit and Faith in our association and his Leaders.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

12-01-2014: BSNL has estimated that its losses will mount to Rs 5,163 crore this year, and if the Government accepts the revival plan it expects to turn profitable by 2018..hindu. news

12-01-2014: BSNL to Govt: foot half our wage bill..hindu news

Loss-making Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has asked the Government to foot half its salary bill as part of a revival plan. In a presentation made to the Empowered Group of Ministers on Wednesday, BSNL said that the Government could either pay Rs 1,670 crore a year or give it a one-time soft loan of Rs 8,045 crore spread over ten years, to meet the salary burden.
The telecom company’s total employee remuneration, including pension, ex-gratia payments and other benefits, is expected to touch Rs 14,500 crore this fiscal year, on revenue of Rs 28,047 crore.
BSNL has estimated that its losses will mount to Rs 5,163 crore this year, and if the Government accepts the revival plan it expects to turn profitable by 2018.
The Government has already approved a bailout plan for BSNL and MTNL, which includes refunding Rs 12,000 crore paid by the two companies to buy broadband spectrum in 2010. In addition, BSNL is planning to hive off its tower assets into a new subsidiary and offering to share CDMA spectrum with private operators. It is also looking to monetise its telecom factory infrastructure and real estate by creating technology parks.
According to the presentation to the ministers, BSNL hopes to increase its mobile user base from 98 million to 140 million with a 50 per cent increase in data revenue.
This will help BSNL’s revenue from mobile services grow from Rs 12,000 crore this fiscal year to Rs 19,000 crore by financial year 2019. Pushing its case for Government support, BSNL said it has contributed Rs 65,000 crore between 2001 and 2012 to the national exchequer in the form of taxes and licence fees.
The company is an important part of major Government initiatives, including the National Optical Fibre Network project and rural telephone coverage.
The ministers’ group, however, did not take any decision and will meet again to discuss the proposals

12-01-2014: 4G: Cabinet clears over Rs 11,000 crore refund for BSNL, MTNL spectrum news

 The Cabinet took crucial decisions on Thursday, granting some relief to state-run telcos BSNL and MTNL, and making it mandatory for television rating agencies to have multiple owners to prevent any conflict of interest.

The government approved a proposal to refund over Rs 11,000 crore to the two financially struggling state-run telcos who in turn will return the broadband wireless access spectrum they got in 2010. In another key decision, the cabinet approved new guidelines  .. 

"Present TV rating system used a sample size of around 10,000 which is not adequate to represent the population of 15.4 crore TV households in India", the government said. KVL Narayan Rao, vice chairman, NDTV Group and president of the News Broadcast Association said that now it will be difficult for anyone to influence a large panel which would lead to more accurate data. Now, Nielsen and Kantar Media, the two equal shareholders in TAM Media Research would need to sell a substantial portio .. 

12-01-2014: CS AIGETOA writes letter to CS SNATTA WB Seeking support for the forth coming agitational program of AIGETOA against breach of trust in resolving various long pending genuine issues in respect of direct recruits of BSNL...regarding...

we have forwarded the letter to SNATTACHQ for our overall decision of snatta regarding their appeal.... also we shall arrange a CEC meeting for discussion in our level.....
we have also forwarded this letter to all our Circle Executive member for their comments...
very shortly we shall cal for CEC meetiing on the issue.

All CEC members are requested to check their mail.....

Thursday, January 9, 2014

09-01-2014: from the Very far end Gangtok SSA member will attend our Conference..........we really inspire with their spirit and cordiality..thanks to them for their decision to join our conference although they are in tough and distant end......

thanks to Sureshji , Rakeshji , prakashji, Chetriji and all others of Gangtok......for coming .....we shall have warm welcome specially for you.......hats off to you...

09-01-2014: Names of member of reception comittee as on date we recieved from various SSA are mentioned below: rest SSAs are also requested to send atleast one name for committee by tomorrow positively:

Reception Committee members

kolkata SSA:
1) Pradip Mandi....
2) Probir Sikder....
3) Paresh nath Paul..
4) Sankar Prasad Maity
5) Anirban Choudhury
6) Anupam Das
7) Avijit Das
8) Subodh Mondal

Krishnagar SSA:
9) Dhrubadas Banik
10) Munmun Chatterjee
11) Manick Mondal
12) Subrata Sadhukhan

Asansol SSA:
13) Debashish Chakrabarty
14) Bidyut Roy

Siliguri SSA:
15)Sri Soumitra Paul
16)Sri Supritam Paul

Malda SSA:
17) Swati Das 

Kharagpur SSA:
18) Samar Adhikary

Raiganj SSA: 
19) Rupam Kumar basak

Suri SSA: 
20) Subhendu saha 

Purulia SSA:
21) Bidyasagar Supekar

details of member will be uploaded later

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

09-01-2014: Reception committee of Circle conference will meet on 21 st january, 2014 at 1 pm at CTO Building Kolkata....the reception committee member detail will be published soon.....

08-01-2014: thanks Raiganj for sending their names of member who are attending our conference...

08-01-2014: this year our circle conference will be historic and almost all the ssa will participate.....

08-01-2014: this year our circle conference will be historic and almost all the ssa will participate.....

08-01-2014: Kharagpur SSA body meeting held on 04-01-2014..details below:

the divisional body after decision of meeting is rearranged as below:
     President:          Sourav Das  03224205000
     Vice President:  Jayanta Mishra  9476105462    
     Secretary:          Pradip Jana  9434762764
     Asst Secretary:  Samar Adhikary  03224201000
     Org Secretary:   Gopal Mahapatra  9434370777
     Treasurer:          Basudev Mandal  9475882288
     Executive Member: Bigyan Maity  9475500770
                                    Monoj Boyal  9475889888
                                    Shyamsundar Saha  9474058155
                                    Krishanu Ghosh  03222202731
                                    Sandip Mahato  9434373410
                                    Koustav Pradhan  9434222111

08.01.2013: SNATTA WBTC conveys its sincere thanks to GS NFTE for writing to Dir. (HR) for regarding settlement of Wage Erosion Issue of post 2007 officials... Click here for the letter...

08.01.2013: Teleconference with Jalpaiguri SSA completed today at 3:15 pm ... Majority of TTAs of Jalpaiguri SSA attended and ACS snatta wb also attended and a fruit-full conversation was conducted through teleconference... Thanks to all TTAs of Jalpaiguri SSA...

08-01-2014: Siliguri SSA send the names who are attending our conference.....thanks to soumitra

08-01-2014: Today a teleconference meeting with Suri SSA members conducted through our beloved Bidyut Roy Of durgapur SSA and Sri Debkanta of Suri SSA.....snatta wbtc heartly congratultes all member of suri.....we appreciates that alsmost all the members will attend our circle such all other SSA should join our conference and we should show our unity.....

Sunday, January 5, 2014

06-01-2014: The transformation of BSNL....experience of R writer..

For over a decade, I kept away from PSUs as much as I could. I had had bad experiences with both BSNL and a PSU bank, and I swore I would never ever have anything to do with PSU telecom companies and banks.
But I kept hearing about how the two PSU behemoths were changing...and adapting to the times.
My experience at Valparai, a hill station in Tamil Nadu, forced me to get a BSNL SIM card. I had to be without even basic mobile connectivity for two full days at Valparai, as only BSNL had services there. Our family had four SIM cards of three private telecom service providers but they were of no use.
The purchase and activation process of the BSNL SIM card was, to my surprise, a smooth and pleasant experience. First, the process of getting a number of your choice - online. I got mine within minutes. I was told to go to the BSNL office to submit the KYC documents. The process was over - again within minutes, and the SIM went live in just an hour!
Yesterday, I went to BSNL's online portal to recharge it. When I proceeded to register for the prepaid recharge, I had mentally prepared myself for a tough experience. The reason: I had heard horror stories of how public sector portals functioned. But, I was once again surprised. The registration was a breeze.
Now came the best part - the recharge process itself. As I logged in and selected the recharge voucher, the screen showed the full details of the recharge, including validity. The next screen showed my pre-paid balance and other details. The recharge was done within minutes.
I had recharged an ISD pack. When I tried calling the international number, the call did not get through. The recorded voice asked me to contact BSNL.
Now, I had to speak to a 'live' person in BSNL for the first time! After going through the usual IVR process, I selected the number for 'Agent' and was once again surprised when the call got connected to a 'live' person in just one ring. I was told to send an SMS for activating the ISD service. I asked her when it would be activated. She had the usual reply, "Within 24 hours."
I did not even had to wait for 24 seconds. The ISD service was activated immediately.
We assume public sector companies will be sloppy and expect a bad experience. Of course, there were days when people dreaded entering PSU offices. My experience with BSNL a decade ago was what had prompted me to keep away from PSUs. It is heartening when we realise their level of transformation. In fact, the private sector telecom players can learn a thing or two from BSNL's online portal.
Info: Click here for BSNL's portal. (Recharges can also be done without registering)

06-01-2014: BSNL seek nod for Rs 3,000 crore buy of network gear

KOLKATA: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd will shortly seek Telecom Commission's approval to buy over Rs 3,000 crore of network gear from local suppliers VNL Ltd and Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd for rolling out GSM networks in India's Naxalite hotbeds, a top telecom department official told ET.