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Monday, December 31, 2012

31-12-2012: President SNATTA writes letter to CMD for consideration of wage loss case immediately....

31-12-2012:BSNL, MTNL failed to use most of the govt funds..source ( business world)

The government is likely to tighten the estimated expenditure for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd ( BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd ( MTNL) in the next Budget, as both the state-run telecom operators have failed to utilise most of the funds estimated in the last Budget.
During financial year 2011-12, MTNL was able to use only 14.66 per cent of the Budget estimate, while BSNL reported a better performance, according to a report by the standing committee on information technology
The government should estimate allocations for major projects only if the preliminary works for implementation have been done and clearances are in place. “The projections for the bigger projects are being made unrealistically without analysing the bottlenecks coming in the way of implementation and huge resources are being blocked, particularly when the important projects of the government are starving for funds,” according to the Standing Committee report.

During 2011-12, the government had budgeted an allocation of Rs 19,881.09 crore which was later revised to to Rs 11,878.07 crore. However, till February 2012, the Department of Telecom ( DoT) was only being able to utilise just 41.67 per cent or Rs 4,949.22 crore as both MTNL and BSNL failed to use most of the funds set aside for them.
Both BSNL and MTNL, which are crying for more financial support from the government, might not get everything easily.
For 2012-13, the DoT have been allocated a Plan Outlay of Rs 15,231.39 crore, which includes Rs 10,431.39 crore as internal and external budgetary resources ( IEBR) and Rs 4,800 crore as gross budgetary support ( GBS).
During the 11th five-year plan period, the government had estimated an allocation of Rs 101228.78 crore (Budget Estimate), which was later reduced to Rs 75,556.45 crore (Revised Estimate) for BSNL and MTNL. AT the end of the 11th Five-year plan, the state-run telecom operators have failed to use more than 50 per cent of the Budget Estimates, with a reported utilisation of Rs 50,003.68 crore, according to the Standing Committee report.
In IEBR, the government had allocated Rs 94664.78 crore (Budget Estimate), the expenditure reported to be ' 46821.97 crore during the 11th Five-year Plan. Under GBS, the allocation was at Rs 6,564 crore (Budget Estimate) while the utilisation stood at Rs 3,181.71 crore during the five years.
The Committee, in its report, has stated that BSNL’s delay in completion of the procurements and delay in completion of the various projects are among the main reasons for the under utilisation. Major delayed projects include Defence Service Network, A&N project have been cited.
Not only that there are serious problems with BSNl and MTNL, the projections for the bigger projects are being made unrealistically which blocked resources, the Standing Committee has pointed out.
Considering MTNL’s current cash flow constrains, the Committee has also suggested that the government should “continuously review” its spending ensuing that funds are being used “judiciously”.
BSNL, which had a revised IEBR of Rs 65,218 crore during the 11th Five-year plan, had used about 66 per cent at Rs 42947 crore during the five years. BSNL does not receive any GBS from the government.
The DoT has informed the Standing Committee that the poor utilisation was mainly because of “fiercely competitive telecom sector, delay in projects due to unavoidable circumstances (for MTNL), and delay in tender finalization (for BSNL) world

31-12-2012: total collection and expenditure status as submitted by by our treasurer subodh mondal as on is displayed for the intimation to our members.......

 the flowing ssa contributaion for circle fond.
1. Goa Conference =>
JALPAIGURI = 1400/ DATED 6/8/2010
MALDA = 2000/ DATED 9/8/2010
BAHARAMPUR = 600/ DATED 13/8/2010
BANKURA = 1600/ DATED 14/8/2010
KRISHNAGAR = 1000/ DATED 16/8/2010
KHARAGPUR = 1000/ DATED 16/8/2010
RAIGANJ = 1500/ DATED 16/8/2010
PURALIA = 700/ DATED 17/8/2010
KOLKATA = 1200/ DATD 14/12/2010 (RAJESH)
SILIGURI = 2500/ DATED 28/12/2010
KRISHNAGAR = 1000/ DATED 10/5/2011
KHARAGPR = 1000/ DATED 11/5/2011
JALPAIGURI = 1000/ DATED 20/5/2011
BAHARAMPUR = 1000/ DATED 11/6/2011
COACHBEHAR = 1000/ DATED 20/6/2011
BANKURA = 1600/ DATED 27/6/2011
PURALIA = 600/ DATED 15/7/2011
BANKURA = 1500/ DATED 1/2/2012 ( B N SINGH )
GOA CONFERCNCE = 5200/ DATED 26/10/2010
REGISTER BOOK = 32/ DATED 12/9/2010
B N SINGH (DILHI) = 3000/ DATED 14/12/2010
TIFFIN (CGM) = 54/ DATED 14/12/2010
PROBIR SIKDER ( ELECTION) = 1800/ DATED 28/12/2010
XEROX (ELECTION) = 186/ DATED 11/01/2011
B N SING ( DILHI ) = 4500/ DATED 01/02/2012
MALDA CONFERENCE = 4400/ DATED 28/12/2010
CASH IN HAND = 23600/ - 19492/ = 4108/ ( FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED EIGHT ONLY) DATED 06/10/2012
after 31-10-2012, bankura , purulia, silliguri and CTTC send in a total of 3250/- at the time of AIC but expenditure on AIC were more than 5750/-,
now the Circle fund is running with negative ballance to the tune of more than (1108-5750+3250)=(-)1392
after that purlia send 400/- and berhampore send 800/-.
now ballance = -1392+1200=(-)192/- as on 31-12-2012
 so all the mebers are requested to send the rquired fund as and when declared otherwise association will be in tough phase.
As such the mattaer is displayed. finally the account will be submitted in next meeting with detail expenditure.
i am sorry to display it but at the same time everyone of our member should kniow the situation.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Dear friends as a urgent call from our chq and to conquer further hurdles in JTO LICE as well as in 30% case we are requiring fund. All District Secretary are requested to please collect the funds in next 3-4 days @ of RS 200/- per member. Submit the fund  centrally to our circle fund and then we  from our circle  fund send to chq fund without delay to avoid the delay notice. Circle A/c is highlighted in our west bengal site.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meeting with JAC leader and senior Officers reg.....

Yesterday, SNATTA CHQ leaders dy. GS Mr Pawan Meena and Chief Patron Mr. Dhiraj Chowdhuty met Comrade VAN Namboodiri, Convenor of JAC, to include the demand of Wage Loss to DRTTAs in the demands of JAC. He responded postively on the issue.
Later they met Senior Officers in Corporate Office, BSNL, New Delhi for early notification of JTO LICE.

Monday, December 24, 2012

24-12-2012: a serious massacre for TTA cadre will be happened if we do not get dont loose your hands.......

24-12-2012:SNATTA-CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to Com P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU to write a letter to CMD-BSNL to take expeditious steps for holding the JTO LICE without further delay


oour CHQ leaders are trying their best...................
SNATTA-CHQ Leaders Sh. Dhiraj Chaudhary and Sh. Pawan Meena (Dy.GS) met with Sr. Officers, Corporate Office, New Delhi. It was urged to expedite the process of notification of JTO LICE. SNATTA-CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to NFTE-BSNL to write a letter to CMD-BSNL to take expeditious steps for holding the JTO LICE without further delay....................
thanks to them......................

24-12-2012: a teleconference meeting held between circle office bearer and district secretaries with sort notification...some important decision taken as below

it is decided that to run the circle of snatta , some strict policy is going to be adopted. wefrom circle expect all of the members should be more responsive and circle and district bodies will also have to be responsive. as per our declaration maximum SSAs have completed the form fill up procedure. we thank all of them.. the policy will be declared later...........
wait.....our Circle will BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM very soon...........................

Friday, December 14, 2012


Minutes of Annual District conference 2012-13 of SNATTA Siliguri SSA

District Conference of Siliguri Telecom District of West Bengal Telecom Circle held on 08.12.2012 Saturday at TRC Hall of Main Telephone Exchange Building, BSNL, Siliguri. District President Sri Amal Roy presided the conference. GMT Siliguri Sri A. Dakua was present there as Chief Guest. Circle Vice President SNATTA Sri Pranab Ch. Das, Sri Pulak Ganguly (District Secretary, NFTE) Sri Sandipan Bhattacharjee (District Secretary, SNEA), Sri Apruba Bhattacharjee (District Secretary, AIBSNLEA), District Secretary AIGETOA and others were present at the conference. All the TTAs of Siliguri SSA were also present at the conference. All the issues related to TTA cadre like wage loss, promotion, designation change, EPF issues and some local issues were discussed there. At the end District body of the SSA was formed.

Schedule of the meeting
1)      Open session, with GMT, Siliguri & all Union representatives, 14:00 hrs to 15:20 hrs,
2)      Group Lunch – Members with all the guests, 15:20 Hrs to 15:50 Hrs.
3)      Post- Lunch Session – Close Door Session, group discussion, Formation of New Body of District SNATTA Committee, from 15:50 Hrs to 16:30 hrs.

                                             DISTRICT BODY SILIGURI

Office Bearer
Email ID
District President
District Secretary
Asst. District Secretary
District Treasurer

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meeting with CMD BSNL during his visit to Indore (MP)

On Sunday 09-12-12 at Hotel Radisson, Indore SNATTA President Sh. Manish Samadhiya along with MP Circle President Sh.S.S.Rathore and District Secretary SNATTA Indore Sh. Mausam Dixit had a meeting with CMD BSNL Sh. R.K. Upadhyay Ji during his Indore (MP) visit. In the meeting, delegates discussed post 2007 TTA's Wage loss issue & JTO LICE issues elaborately with CMD BSNL. SNATTA-CHQconveyed sincere thanks to CMD BSNL for taking latest vacancies for forthcoming JTO (T) LICE and urged for early conduction of JTO LICE.
In response of our demand CMD BSNL assured that JTO LICE will be conducted soon. On the wage loss issue of TTA’s Post 2007 batch, he assured that it will be forwarded to HR section with suitable remarks and favorable action would be taken. A Common memorandum signed by all union/association has been given to CMD BSNL in which two of our main demands were included. CMD read the memorandum and underlined our genuine points mentioned in it and specifically mentioned that the memorandum will be forwarded to the concerned sections.

30% Fitment Court Case Update

On 11-12-2012 the Case was posted at Hon"ble CAT Chandigarh at Serial No-26. Despite our Strong Protest , the case was posted for next date of hearing on 1st February-2013.

Friday, December 7, 2012

07-12-2012: All SC/ST candidates suffering from pay loss..are requested to send the application as announced by is urgent..

07-12-2012: all DRTTAs are requested to fill up the form of snatta wb who had not filled up it earlier.....CS SNATTA WB

07-12-2012: BSNL, MTNL hit by competition, rising costs: Government...Source PTI & ET

  NEW DELHI: Government today said state-run BSNL and MTNL suffered losses to the tune of Rs 12,960 crore in 2011-12 as a result of stiff competition in mobile sector, high staff cost and payment of spectrum charges.
"The loss of BSNL during 2011-12 stood at Rs 8,851 crore and MTNL at Rs 4,109 crore," Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology Milind Deora said in a written reply to Lok Sabha. (click for details)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

06-12-2012: Divisional Conference of Silliguri SSA SNATTA is fixed on 08-12-2012 at Siliguri TRC Hall at 1 pm....

Divisional Conference of Silliguri SSA SNATTA is fixed on 08-12-2012 at Siliguri TRC Hall at 1 pm...
CEC of SNATTA WB welcomes all the soldier of snatta in Siliguri.....
thus SNATA needs to be enriched for the need to DRTTAs in BSNL.....
Our Circle Vice President Sri Pranab Das of Maldaha  will attend the meeting.........
Details later...................

Monday, December 3, 2012

03-12-2012: an appeal to all TTAs of West Bengal Circle.............

dear all DRTTAs,
our newly Elected Circle Executive committe has decided that throughuot the circle a membership form fill up is urgent to run the snatta wb smoothly and properly..therefore a target is fxed within 10-12-2012..
freinds do not forget that the future of DRTTAs will be demolished if SNATTA does not know that our beloved Sr DRTTA leaders who established and formed SNATTA had to go through a long hurdles and lastly at this stage JTO LICE is in our favour. Do you believe that this acheivement has come without our unity? do you believe that JTO from 10 yrs to 7 yrs come without effort of snatta.? Do you believe that 30 percent fitment case is till now alive without effort of snatta? Do you beleive firther no hurdles will come if we forget all our unity? a good number of DRTTAs and our Leaders are still fighting for this..but do you think you have no responsibilty to extend your support to this..?
no no no never nothing will be remain for DRTTAs if snatta abolished...
dear freinds the wage loss issues are being tackled by some devoted DRTTAs before questioning them you have the responsibilty to support in full otherwise do not expect for any more?
not only that freinds in near future so much hurdles may come .. so dont be careless about snatta ..your careless ness may cause severe damage to your future..
so freinds, dont be late , wake up, come forward and extend your active co-operation to snatta.....make it success ........

03-12-2012: wage loss regarding..........

snattaCHQ instructed to All TTAs ( SC/ST) of post 01-01-2007 to submit the copy copies related to their salary visit our CHQ website for details for the same:
Post 01.01.2007 recruited SC/ST TTAs are requested to fill in the form A/B (given below) and send it through proper channel to Chief Liaison Officer (SCT), BSNLCO, New Delhi along with the attachments (1-5, as given below), for the expeditious settlement of wage loss issue.

(4). JTO2007
Contact details:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

25-11-2012: BSNL, MTNL continue losses, no hope in this fiscal year.....Economic times

NEW DELHI: State-owned telcosBSNL and MTNL, will not see any turnaround this fiscal and will continue to bleed with falling revenues and wider losses, the companies indicated in their performance reviews withtelecom minister KapilSibal on November 16.
MTNL, which operates in Delhi and Mumbai, has told Sibal that its losses for the first six months this fiscal has increased to Rs 2,153 crore, up 26 per cent, when compared to a loss of Rs 1,714 crore for the six months ended September 2011.
Unlisted BSNL, in its presentation has said its estimates indicate that its revenues for the year-ended March 2013 would be around Rs 25,384 crore, down 9 per cent as against Rs 27,944 crore during 2011-12.

ET reviewed a copy of the presentations made by both public sector communication undertakings to Sibal.
This is despite a series of steps that both these companies have put in place recently, including monetising real estate assets, to arrest the downward spiral in revenues and profits. For the year-ended March 2012,MTNL and BSNL had posted losses of Rs 4,108 crore and Rs 8,851 crore, respectively.
MTNL chairman and MD AK Garg said the company's losses at the end of this fiscal may be similar to that of last year, and added that the financials would improve significantly if the government refunds the Rs 4,600 crore it had paid up for fourth generation (4G) airwaves before March next year.
He also dismissed market buzz that the debt-laden company would soon run out of finances to meet employee salaries, even as he admitted that the situation was 'tough but manageable'.
BSNL, once a monopoly in domestic telephony, has been deteriorating in financial performance over the years as it could not expand on time. Its business plans were thwarted at various levels of bureaucracy under influence from different quarters.
It could not compete with the nimble-footed private mobile phone firms such as Bharti Airtel which were taking decisions quickly. The telco's chairman and MD, RK Upadhyay, pointed out that the company had placed its first orders for mobile equipment since 2007 only recently, and added that more tenders for expanding its cellular networks would be issued soon, the results of which would reflect in the next financial year.
Upadhyay further said that the company had taken a slew of steps to increase revenues including hiving off its towers into a separate company, a move that BSNL estimates will bring in Rs 1,600 crore over the next five years, as well as leasing its CDMA network, and rolling out WiFi networks or hotspots across the country, which it estimates will being in about Rs 500 crore in the first year and double this from the second year onwards.
"All these will begin to show only from next year. We have also simplified the procurement procedures for equipment. Once the orders are placed, our numbers will improve," he added. 
Upadhyay also added that the current fiscal would be about 'tightening spends and increasing productivity. His presentation to Sibal indicates some amount of success on these fronts as BSNL has reported growth in all key revenue parameters in the first seven months to October 2012.
For instance, wireless revenue, enterprise sales, broadband sales and outgoing minutes of usage during this period have increased by 6.65 per cent, 26.8 per cent, 8.3 per cent and 4.14 per cent, respectively, compared to the earlier year. Even VLR or 'visitors location register' numbers, that indicate the number of active users on a network, has grown 4.33 per cent during the period under review.

MTNL's case, however, offers little hope as the company has suffered higher revenue losses during the first six months to September 2012 compared to the year-ago period. Basic service revenue losses during this period widened to Rs 1,183.8 crore from Rs 1,004.9 crore, while mobile revenue losses widened over 93 per cent to Rs 324.7 crore.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

24-11-2012: CIrcle Executive committeee decided to collect Rs. 100( Rs. 50/- for Circle conference and Rs. 50/- for AIC)....all members are requested to deposit the amount to DS and DSs are requested to send the amount to Circle ...within 30-11-2012

Circle Executive committeee decided to collect Rs. 100( Rs. 50/- for Circle conference and Rs. 50/- for AIC)....all members are requested to deposit the amount to DS and DSs are requested to send the amount to Circle ...within 30-11-2012..
further it may be noted that the members who have already attended Circle Conference they are requested to give only 50/- for  AIC...
the members who had already deposited for AIC, they have to give only Rs. 50/- for Circle conference... 

24-11-2012:meeting regarding fitment with management........

SNATTA-CHQ Organizing Secretary Sh. Anup Mukherji,  held important discussions with Sr. Officers at Corporate office New Delhi on dated 21.11.2012 on the burning issue of 30% fitment to post 2007 TTAs along with NFTE President Sh. Islam Ahmed. SNATTA Leader Sh. Amit Mittal (Punjab) and Sh Saikat Maji  (Kolkata) were present in the meeting.
SNATTA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to Sh. Islam Ahmed to arrange the meeting.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


1) the vacancy year upto 31-03-2012
2) service preiod atleast 7 year as on 1 st july 2011...
3) must have Diploma /B.S.C or more

an achievement of SNATTA.................after a long fight...hats off to our beloved leaders of SNATTA

likewise freinds.... we have to tighten our unity to acheive more...
freind mind it..if SNATTA does not exist...there will be a severe loss to the DRTTAs and thus to save us we should have SNATTA...
freinds ............SNATTA may not have activity in accordance with other TRADE unions , but its AIM is SAME and it may achieved if we have good faith on us..
" if you believe on yourself then you have to believe on SNATTA because its yours.."
" if SNATTA failed it's because of you if SNATTA acheived it's because of you".
Come forawrd for SNATTA, go forward for SNATTA, bring back our RIGHT...................

we also thank all trade unions specially NFTE for their co-operation and also expect for further co-operation for our pending issues...........

Thursday, November 15, 2012

16-11-2012: Sibal calls for fee waiver on money transfer for BPL families...through BSNL and DOP............

NEW DELHI: Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal today said Department of Posts and state-run BSNL should waive-off fees charged on money transfers by people in theBelow Poverty Line (BPL) category, under the Mobile Money Transfer Service launched today.

"I would urge the two departments, as a first step before revising the transaction cost... to ensure that BPL category people, when they send money, do not pay transaction cost at all," Sibal said while inaugurating the service.

Department of Posts with BSNL announced launch of Mobile Money Transfer scheme in Delhi, Bihar, Punjab and Kerala.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali to all

SNATTA West Bengal Telecom Circle Conveys heartiest Greetings to all  for the occasion of Happy Diwali 

Friday, November 9, 2012

09-11-2012: Newly Circle Body thank all the members of SNATTA WB and wish your best co-operation for the new hope

09-11-2012: the newly elected body is finding out a new ray to get united more..freinds dont be IDOL...we have to find out a new ray of hope.....Wake up just for urself......

09-11-2012: All SSA secretaries are requested to send the details of members of Each SSA within 3 days..

09-11-2012: Newly elected and approved Circle Body of WEST BENGAL CIRCLE is as below:

1Central Co-ordinator
 Banabihari Nagendra Singh
 Kharagpur SSA
2. President
 Jagadish Paul
 Kolkata SSA
3. Vice President
 Pranab kr. Das
 Malda SSA
4. Secreatry
 Amit khan
 Krishnagar SSA
5. Asstt Secreatry
 Sourav Dutta
 Bankura SSA
 6.Organising Secreatary
 Probir Sikder
 Kolkata SSA
7. Auditor
 Sudip Sasmol
8. Treasurer
 Subodh Mondal
 Kolkata SSA
9. Exe. Member
 Bireswar Mondal
10.Exe. Member 
 Swarup Kanti Shil
11. Exe. member
12  Exe. member
 Kalipada Maity

Dipankar Roy
 Kharagpur SSA

Jalpaiguri SSA


09-11-2012: 09-11-2012: The Divisional Body of krishnagar SSA is re- arranged at the general body meeting on 26-10-2012 at TRC hall Krishnagar SSA...Congratulation to Sri ASHOKE GHOSH for being Divisional Secreatry of krishnagar SSA..the re-arranged body is as follows:

 Mohan Paul
 Vice President
 Dhrubadas Banik
 Divisional Secretary
 Ashoke Ghosh
 Asstt Secretary
 Tapas sarkar
 Moumita Maitra
 Asstt Treasurer
 Munmun Chatterejee
 Exe mmeber: 
 Manick Mandal
 Exe member
  Arindam Biswas

Thursday, November 8, 2012

08-11-2012: BSNL added highest customer in Sept 2012... Telecom industry loses 1.87 million subscribers in September due to large-scale disconnection .(Cilck here)..ET News

NEW DELHI: The country's telecom subscriber base declined by 1.87 million in September due to large-scale disconnection by some operators, taking the total subscriber base to 937.7 million, sector regulator Trai said. 

The drop in subscribers in September comes after the overall user base dipped by 0.56 per cent to 939.57 million in August. 

"The number of telephone subscribers in India decreased to 937.70 million at the end of September, 2012 from 939.57 million at the end of August 2012, thereby registering a monthly growth rate of -0.20 per cent," Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said in a statement. 

Total wireless subscriber or mobile phone user base decreased by 0.19 per cent to 906.62 million at the end of September 2012 from 908.36 million in August 2012.

Trai attributed the decline in subscriber base "to large scale disconnection by some of the service providers." 

State-run BSNL emerged as market leader in new subscribers addition during the month amid the declining trend of subscriber base. 

"I am unable to recall if BSNL ever lead market in terms of new subscriber additions. Addition of highest number of customers by BSNL in September acknowledges hard work of BSNL employees and improvement in the network," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay told PTI. 

08-11-2012: we want JTO LCE should be conducted stead of looking after charge giving tendancy to DRTTAs...

08-11-2012: Thanks to NFTE to initiate for including wage loss agenda in united forum agenda...

08-11-2012: minutes of AIC , Jaipur........

9th CEC and 5th Grand All India Conference of SNATTA
    The 9th CEC and 5th All India Conference of SNATTA were held on 3rd and 4th November 2012 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sh. D.K. Maheshwari PGMTD, Jaipur was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The function was presided over by Sh. H.P. Meena Sr. GM (Finance) Jaipur. The Guest of Honour included Sh. K. Sebastian GS SNEASh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Sh. P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU, Sh. C. Singh GS NFTE, Sh. Islam Ahmad President NFTE, Sh. A. K. Dahiya AGS SNEA, Sh. S. S. Rajput CS SNEA Rajasthan, and Sh. M. K. Marodia CS AIBSNLEA Rajasthan. Prominent leaders of all major unions of Rajasthan Circle were also present to grace the occasion.
    SNATTA Patron in Chief Sh. Dhiraj Choudhary and Patron Sh. Pardeep Kumar were also present to boost up the moral and shower their esteemed guidance to young and dynamic TTA’s from all over India. The function was attended by delegates from almost all the Telecom circles with full spirit and enthusiasm. An open session was organized on “Role of BSNL employees in context to changing telecom scenario”.
    Sh. Dharmendra Verma, G.S. SNATTA welcomed the delegates reminding everyone of the historical moment of such a large number of hitherto delegates having come together for their commitment to attend the CEC and AIC of SNATTA. Sh. Dharmendra Verma delivered the welcome speech and detailed the house about the long pending and burning issues of TTA’s. The main demands included Pay anomaly of the post 2007 recruited TTAs, early conduct of JTO LICE with latest vacancies and change of designation of TTAs. He strongly emphasized on the demands of TTA’s and asked all the present office bearers of all unions / associations to put an ear to their demands and give voice to their issues in front of BSNL management.
    Chief guest Sh. D.K. Maheshwari PGMTD, Jaipur addressed the house and without any hesitation accepted the outstanding performance of DRTTA’s in the management of services and customer satisfaction. He congratulated DRTTA’s for organizing such a grand AIC in Rajasthan Circle. Sh. Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA in his address while discussing the issues related to Viability of BSNL and its growth assured full support to SNATTA for the settlement of their legitimate HR issues and appealed them to actively participate in the ongoing struggle of Joint Forum.
    Com P. Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU addressed the seminar and explained the efforts taken by BSNLEU to settle the various issues of the TTA’s. He also severely criticized the anti-BSNL and pro-private policies of the government and called upon the SNATTA to become part of the united struggle that is going on to salvage BSNL. He also gave surety to discuss all the matters related to DRTTA with the management with priority and with a solution. Sh. K. Sebastian GS SNEA, in his address discussed the govt. policies and their effects on BSNL. He discussed various issues related to BSNL and appealed all the unions / associations to come forward and support the united forum for making the struggle stronger and fruitful.
    Com. C. Singh GS NFTE and Com. Islam Ahmad President NFTE in their address criticized the HR policies of BSNL related to group C & D. They strongly supported the demands of DRTTA and promised to stand next to DRTTA’s in all situations. They also appealed the recognized union to take the matter of DRTTA’s seriously and appealed to put forward the grievances of DRATTA’s in their meeting with BSNL management. The house was fully powered by the delegates enchanting the slogan “SNATTA ZINDABAD” and “Long live our leaders” continuously during the open session. The strength and unity shown by our friends was unmatched.
    In the end All India President Sh. Manish Samadhiya addressed the house with the vote of thanks. He very aggressively spoke about the issues of SNATTA in front of the audiences. He minced no words and squarely put forth the issues and asked for its resolution. Shri Manish Samadhiya speech filled the audiences with energy and the auditorium was filled with sound of claps and slogan ‘SNATTA ZINDABAD’. He assured the house and all DRTTA’s that SNATTA will leave no stone unturned to raise the grievances of DRTTA’s with the management. He asked all the major unions / associations to include the demand of ‘30% fitment to post 2007 TTA’s ‘in the united forum agenda. He assured full cooperation from SNATTA at any level for the betterment of BSNL. He responded positively on the issue of joining the United forum for the struggle and said that if the grievances of DRTTA are addressed by the unions in a healthy manner then we, SNATTA will always stand in front of all in every struggle.
    Finally a meeting was held to elect the new CEC members of SNATTA. It was unanimously decided to keep the same CHQ body till the next CEC meeting. In addition to previous CHQ body, Sh. Pawan Meena from Rajasthan circle was elected as Dy.GS till next CEC meeting. Congratulations to him. After two months CEC will decide the next course of action.
    At last, the AIC ended with a special thanks with sincere and deepest gratitude to the SNATTA team members of Rajasthan Circle for organizing a grand and very successful CEC and AIC at Jaipur. The Team Rajasthan included Sh. Pawan Meena (CC), Sh. Rohitash Punia (CP) Sh. N.S.Shekhawat (CS), Sh. Mahesh Mangal, Sh. I.C. Saini, Sh. Ramesh Kumar Prajapat, Sh. Rajinder Khanna, Sh. Umesh Toshniwal, Sh. Kapil Saini, Sh. Sushil Choudhary, Sh. Neeraj Varshney, Sh. Rajkishore Sharma, Sh. Sanjeev Chauhan, Sh. Narendra Khatri, Sh. GC Rajawat, Smt. Saroj Jangid, Sh. D.D. Gupta, , Sh. Kuldeep Paliwal, , Sh. JP Gupta, Sh. Mahesh Choudhary, Sh. Dharmendra Sharma and Sh. Yashwir Singh. Everyone was left with no words to praise the arrangements and facilities provided to the delegates. The delegates felt the real taste of Rajasthan in terms of food and sense of hospitality. The Rajasthani dance and song cultural night after CEC made everyone thrilled and the only word came out was ‘awesome’.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

07-11-2012: ITS repatriation ......FROM SNEA website....)

Status on ITS repatriation case at Hon Delhi HC:

At the very outset, ASG, representing UOI, made submission before the Hon Bench that a proposal to repatriate unabsorbed ITS from BSNL/MTNL progressively within a time span of 10 years is under the consideration of Group of secretaries and that it will be very shortly sent to the Union Cabinet. On this submission of ASG, Hon Bench observed that "We are not concerned with what cabinet is to decide and the 10 year time period is absurd"Our Councel informed the Hon Bench that last time the plea of BSNL / MTNL to grant extension of 25 months was rejected by the Bench and this time they are asking time for 10 years. At this the Hon Bench observed“even now we will reject it”.

Counsel for the respondents (ITS) submitted that they have to be formally relieved from BSNL/MTNL immediately ending “deemed deputation” and thereafter they can be taken back to BSNL/MTNL on “deputation” which is legal. This was strongly opposed by our counsel quoting the DOP&T OM which strictly forbids such deputation. Hon Court also observed that this is nothing but continuation of the present situation, thereby putting an end the possibility of their entry through back door deputation.

Finally Hon Bench directed Counsel for UOI, BSNL/MTNL to relieve all unabsorbed ITS by 15th Dec failing which UOI should submit a detailed proposal. The case is posted for 18th Dec:’12.

07-11-2012: regarding ITS>>>repatriation...............Courtsey NFTE website

ITS Repatriation-Court order:- Hon’ble Court finally directed Govt. to repatriate non-optee ITS from BSNL/MTNL upto 15th Dec’2012. In case, they are not relieved, Govt. should submit a concrete proposal/plan upto 15-12-2012 explaining that in what reasonable time they can be relieved. The case is re-notified on 18th Dec’2012. 

07-11-2012: a courtsey from the website of BSNLEU.....

"""BSNLEU condemns the mischief 
“Pls give some more amount to EU to stop asking for LICE” 
The above entry is made on the blogspot of Shri Kabeerdas ( BSNLEU severely condemns this. On 05.08.2012 the officiating JTOs gave a donation of Rs.55,000/- to the GS, BSNLEU, in the Branch Secretaries convention of BSNLEU, held at Vijayawada, towards BSNLEU building fund. This news was placed on BSNLEU website on 06.08.2012. The donation is accepted, since the donors are members of BSNLEU. However, had the donation been given with the hidden agenda to make BSNLEU to stop the JTO LICE, then we will return the donation. Members of BSNLEU have donated Rs.2 crore for building fund. As such, BSNLEU does not require donations from any one with hidden agenda. BSNLEU will take all out efforts to ensure the immediate holding of the JTO LICE. At the same time it will also leave no stone unturned to ensure the personal upgradation of the officiating JTOs. There will not be any compromise in this."""

07-11-2012: thanks to BSNLEU , NFTE, FNTO for asking JTO LICE.......

7-10-2012: thanks to BSNLEU for their consideration of our issues to be adopted in agenda of UNITED FORUM.....

07-11-2012: Circle Executive meeting on 07-11-2012 ...

Our Circle excutive meeting held on 07-10-2012 over telephonic conference..almost all circle members joned.....Discusiion took place on the following points..
1) AIC details
2) adotion of strict principle on  Fund collection
3) membership verification( renewal of membrship) of our  members.
4) Etc....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


5th AIC of SNATTA was completed with grand success.Our two major issues like wage loss and JTO LICE are going to be solved by the General Secretaries of United Forum .Now Wage loss issue will be taken by united forum.It is possible only due to our strong unity all over India. So have faith on SNATTA. Don't biased with any wrong information. Our Unity is our strength.