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Friday, February 18, 2011

Agitation Programme held at Krishna Nagar SSA

On 18-02-11 at GM office krishnagar , SNATTA and NFTE had
organized agitational programme for the various issues.  GM of this
SSA was well intimated in avance but he was absent from the office.
The meeting continued for about 2 hours. Divisional secretaries of
SNATTA and NFTE expresses serious concern about the ongoing
deterioting performance of BSNL and mentioned the Example of
AIR INDIA and call the employees of these SSA to protest any undo
 and try for the better service to save BSNL. It was also promised
to take the best effort to bring any irregularities into the notice of
management. SNATTA is committed for devoting its last lavel for the
service of BSNL.