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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Congratulations to Mr. Priyaranjan Kumar / Co-ordinator (East) SNATTA CHQ cum VP / SNATTA WB

 A heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Priya Ranjan Kumar ji / Co-ordinator     (East)/SNATTA CHQ cum VP /SNATTA WB for his tireless efforts for making possible to conduct AGM cum Circle Conference of SNATTA  Bihar Telecom     Circle to form new SNATTA Bihar Circle Body on 07-04-2018 at CTO Building,   Patna.
 Mr. Himanshu Sheker Jha/CS SNATTA WB and Mr. Suresh Kumar ji / CS SNATTA CTD were also invited by SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle to attend the grand conference. 
Heartiest Congratulations to all the members of Newly elected SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle Body for all of their future endeavors.


JE Unity zindabaad !                           
SNATTA zindabaad  !   

Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB has attended the Circle Conference of SNATTA Bihar Circle on 07.04.2018 in Patna

Congratulations! to all the newly elected office bearers of SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle for conducting a successful AGM-cum Circle conference on 07.04.2018 at CTO building, Patna.
Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB and Suresh Kumar /CS SNATTA CTD were invited as guests in the conference.
Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB delivered a vibrating speech in the houseful of young,enthusiasts and energetic JEs. He described the following issues and got thunderous support:
1. Issue of NEPP for JE cadre.
2. JTO LICE for years 2016-17 and 2017-18 which are yet to be notified.
3. 3rd PRC.
4. Postpaid CUG connection for all JEs.
5. Upcoming AIC meeting.
6. Future course of action of SNATTA .
Speech delivered by CS/SNATTA WB
 Members of SNATTA Bihar

The conference was the signal of growing unity of Junior Engineers in all the circles.
At last our CS / SNATTA WB thanked to all the JE friends and seniors of SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle for inviting him.
SNATTA zindabaad !
JEs Unity zindabaad !