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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB has attended the Circle Conference of SNATTA Bihar Circle on 07.04.2018 in Patna

Congratulations! to all the newly elected office bearers of SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle for conducting a successful AGM-cum Circle conference on 07.04.2018 at CTO building, Patna.
Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB and Suresh Kumar /CS SNATTA CTD were invited as guests in the conference.
Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha /CS SNATTA WB delivered a vibrating speech in the houseful of young,enthusiasts and energetic JEs. He described the following issues and got thunderous support:
1. Issue of NEPP for JE cadre.
2. JTO LICE for years 2016-17 and 2017-18 which are yet to be notified.
3. 3rd PRC.
4. Postpaid CUG connection for all JEs.
5. Upcoming AIC meeting.
6. Future course of action of SNATTA .
Speech delivered by CS/SNATTA WB
 Members of SNATTA Bihar

The conference was the signal of growing unity of Junior Engineers in all the circles.
At last our CS / SNATTA WB thanked to all the JE friends and seniors of SNATTA Bihar Telecom Circle for inviting him.
SNATTA zindabaad !
JEs Unity zindabaad !