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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

23.03.2016: Clarification regarding eligibility of service period for appearing JTO (T) LICE exam issued by WBTC circle office.. Click here for the order..

click here for order

23.03.2016: Field training order for OJTOs and ESM JTOs issued by WBTC circle office on 21.03.2016.. Click Here for the order..

Yesterday i.e, 21.03.2016, Our CS Sri Amit Khan along with Sri Animesh Mitra (CS BSNLEU), Sri Samar Adhikari and Sri Pradip Mandi met GM HR and discussed our pending issues.

After that SNATTAWB and BSNLEU WBTC members met together and discussed the issues related to the forthcoming membership verification.

Another meeting is scheduled to be held on next Saturday 26.03.2016, between WBTC Circle administration and SNATTAWB, regarding JTO LICE vacancy related issues.

BSNL to launch major modernization drive; expected to invest Rs. 2000 crore

Friday, March 18, 2016

Meeting with GM(HR):  Sri Amit Khan, CS/snattawb, Com Animesh Mitra. CS/BSNLEU alongwith samar Adhikari, ACS/snattawb, Pardip Mandi, DS/KOLKATA   met GM (HR).. discussed the following issues:

               1) Vacancy anomaly: we demand that the vacancy is to be revised as per our calculation… we demand to see the procedure by which vacancy was declared…it is assued that detailing of the calculation will be shown to clarify the issue…
               2)  DNI issue: the anomaly is being considered.. we express our demand.. GM(HR) assured to take action to settle the anomaly…
               3)  Eligibility issue: an order may be issued for those who are not eligible for PVR issue.for the case of irregularity of induction training schedule, they may apply through proper channel…
              4)   ESM case: GM HR confirmed that they are being provisionally posted with an undertaking subject to the out come of the court…
              5)   Misc

I am ready to sit and sell sim card for BSNL: Ravi Shankar Prasad

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Friends, from CHQ side we are ensuring every batch of LICE aspirants that we will take care of every examination. Management has agreed for three mock tests for online exam pattern. We are also trying to make the question papers to be best fitted for all batches. We are putting all efforts to make the whole LICE process smoother. Also we must say that, we are expecting no more hurdles in the path of our dream to be a JTO. So, it is a request to the entire TTA family not to put any problems further. If anyone have some view or suggestion regarding the JTO LICE issue, please feel free to contact SNATTA CHQ. We will discuss the issue within our self and definitely will find the way-out. But please do not take decisions on your own. We are committed for the betterment of the whole TTA cadre.

Do not forget, opportunity does not come every day, we absolutely do not want to spoil this opportunity or let anybody does.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

02.02.2016: Model notification and time schedule for holding JTO(T) LICE, for the vacancy year 2013-14 released by the Corporate Office..

BSNL CO released the order for notification of JTO LICE for vacancy year 2013-14 as per the direction of  Hon’ble CAT, Jodhpur Bench...