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Monday, May 30, 2016

BSNL launches Free to Home scheme

BSNL’s massive mobile network expansion project

BSNL’s Operational Profit will be around Rs.2,000 crore in 2015-16

BSNL’s revenue for the financial year 2015-16 is expected to be around Rs.30,000 crore. It’s Operational Profit will be around Rs.2,000 crore. This information was given by the CMD BSNL in the meeting with the Core Committee, held today. It is noteworthy that BSNL’s Operational Profit was only Rs.672 crore in the financial year 2014-15

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Congratulations to all the participants of of LICE's which just took place on 22.05.2016.We are thankful to each and everybody of SNATTA for the belive they are keeping on CHQ.We are thankful to all those great leaders of SNATTA for their commitment towards conducting the exam.We are very very thankful towards BSNLEU who have continiously moved with us to cross every barrier and finally made the LICE happen.

As we have told,we are committed to conduct all the LICEs for all our brothers and sisters.The first one has gone,two more to come.As we know that the LICE was put on hold in BIHAR Circle,We are more committed to conduct the held examination as soon as possible and request once again to all not to go to court.We are very much shocked enough to learn that our long aspiring JTO LICE exam is happeing on earth and some people(we don't know their kind) is doing court case to create further litigations and hurdles!These activities not only destroying the hope SNATTA is trying to materialse but also putting thousands of TTAs carrer in jeopardy.Instead of giving representation to court,if they gave their representaion to SNATTA, then CHQ can try solve the hurdles.

Well,lets work on the remaining two examinations and specially the halted exam of BIHAR Cirlce.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

2 civil exam qualifiers come from BSNL family

Circle wise results of the 7th Membership Verification

   Circles  BSNLEU  NFTE
73 70
(2) ALTTC 32 52
(3) Assam 2636 439
(4) BRBRAITT 49 4
(5) Bihar 1314 1941
(6) Chhattisgarh 513 756
1563 1435
Himachal Pradesh
1324 755
(9) J&K 738 703
(10) Jharkhand 406 1098
(11) Karnataka 6481 4273
6370 631
(13) Maharashtra 8022 4948
North East-I
1112 65
North East-II
846 114
(16) Delhi - NTR 205 494
(17) Odisha 1337 1101
2934 2115
(19) Rajasthan 4228 2488
(20) Inspection Circle (T&D) 35 3
(21) Tamil Nadu 4972 5584
(22) TS-Kolkata 99 9
(23) TF-Jabalpur  241 174
341 180
(25) TF- Mumbai  198 193
UP (East)
3410 3138
UP (West)
2734 2077
(28) Uttarakhand 863 411
(29) Corporate Office 90 152
(30) West Bengal 3497 738
(31) Kolkata Telephones 3501 215

Corporate office issued orders on change of designations of major cadres of Non Executives working in BSNL. Letter No.-2-4/2007-Restg. Vol-III, dt-12-05-2016.

The order for the change of our designation have come.Now onwards we are JUNIOR ENGINEER (JE) As we told it will come at middle of the month of may, we got it well before that.  Friends this great achivement happened only because of SNATTA,only because of our unity.We are cordially thankful to BSNLEU for their enourmous support and hardwork.

Well...Keep fighting, Keep supporting, and all our dreams will come true.. 

A Message from GS (SNATTA)

Thanks all of SNATTA members to show their great unity in all and every layer, all over India. You have shown your devotion and dedication to our beloved association and my highest gratitude towards your unity, My salutes to all the CHQ,CIRCLE, SSA level leadership for their active participation and hard work to create a great unity,  A great success is coming for you and you only.

SNATTA will be directed for you not for any other purpose, it's a promise from our CHQ, All the decision have been taken here only for the benefit of future and for increasing  the strength of our beloved association SNATTA.

SNATTACHQ is here heartily inviting all our friends who have some confusion about our activities, Friends put down your angry and confusion aside and come again devotedly for increasing it's great  unity, Forget about everything and  remember SNATTA is the only destination to give us a BETTER TOMORROW and that can only be achieved with your great  unity, 


SNATTA recently approached to Management to consider abolishing the exam procedure for promotion to JTO.CHQ have presented this proposal with very logical ground.We are happy to learn that management have taken this proposal seriously and assured for further consideration.