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Friday, June 15, 2018

NOTICE- Circle Executive Committee Meeting is called at Telephone Bhawan,Kolkata on 26th June'2018(Tuesday)

An important Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNATTA WB is being called ,it is intimated to all well before time. Each Executive members(Dist.Secretary,Dist.President, Dist. Treasurer & all member of circle body)are requested to attend this meeting at any cost and arranged yourself in your office . So that you will be free to attend the meeting.
Agenda of the meeting: -.
1. Formation of AICC & JTO LICE.
2. Financial Report up to 31st March'2018.
3. Necessary Circle Body reformation.
4. Fund collection status and membership analysis of each SSA.
5. Other burning issue of WB Circle

       Date- 26th June'2018(Tuesday).
       Time- 1:00 pm onward.
       Venue- Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor, Telephone Bhawan,Kolkata.

Thanks & Regards