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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Minutes of SNATTA WEST BENGAL TELECOM CIRCLE Executive Committee meeting held on 26/06/2018

SNATTA WEST BENGAL TELECOM  CIRCLE Executive Committee meeting has been successfully conducted at Recreation Club Room,3rd Floor Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata on 26thJune2018(Tuesday).

Meeting started with the speech of Mr.Priya Ranjan Kr- VP/SNATTA WB. He addressed the executive members & representatives of all SSA present in that meeting.He focused on formation of SNATTA Body across all the SSA & Circle-level .Mr.Vikas Kr. Jaisawal/ACS-SNATTA WB, Mr. Probir Sikdar/VP-SNATTA WB and Mr. Jay Prakash Narayan/Central Coordinator-SNATTAWB also addressed the house. Very good presentations were made by circle executive members and representatives of other SSAs .

Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad/Circle Treasurer-SNATTA WB explained about fund collection & expenditure up to 31st March 2018 in brief. He mentioned the importance of fund for running  our association in proper and accelerated way and  It is also decided in the meeting  that Rs.500/- will be collected from each member of SNATTA WB for conducting SNATTA AIC - 2018 in coming days.

Mr.Himanhsu Shekher Jha/CS- SNATTA WB fully described in all topics of Agendas with full of enthusiasm. He also shared our association achievements, so far from Circle level to CHQ level.As per CHQ reports,JTO LICE will be conducted as soon.

Three post of  Circle body were vacant due to Rule -8 transfer of JEs and other reason, hence, three name has been proposed by the house and finally elected  Mr.Victor Ghosh/KGP-SSA as Website Secretary,Mr.Rashmi Nath Sinha /CAL-SSA as Asst.Web.Secretary and Mr.Priya Ranjan Kr/CAL-SSA as Auditor  .

The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by  Circle Vice President