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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Date: 08-02-2018: Meeting with AGM (HR & Admn) and SDE S-II / WBTC

A very successful meeting was held between SNATTA WB delegates and Hon’ble AGM (HR & Admin.) and SDE (Staff-II)/ WBTC. Both of them listened issues with positive mindset and assured us to take every possible step as soon as possible from their side.
Following agenda points were put up in front of them by our CS/SNATTA WB.

1. Status of Vacancy Calculation of JTO LICE for the vacancy year of 2016-17 & 2017-18.

2. Regular Publication of Rule-8 list of JEs in Sancharika and It is also requested to update the status at regular intervals.
3. Status of the Rule-8 JE applicants who have completed their 5 years of service and waiting for their transfer.
4. Inclusion of JE cadre in all Departmental Training and Upgradation Program to cope up with latest technologies in BSNL.
5. Settlement of Stipend and Salary related issues of New JEs of WBTC.

Dear friends, SNATTA WB is on the right path to achieve its goal of “Better Tomorrow”.

SNATTA Zindaabad !      JEs Unity Zindaabad !