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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Get-together meeting of SNATTA KGP SSA was organized very enthusiastically on 17-02-2018.
Meeting started from 02:00 PM in the presence of Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha, CS/SNATTA WB, Mr. Priyaranjan Kumar, VP/SNATTA WB, Mr.Pawan Kumar, DP/SNATTA KGP SSA, Mr. Jayprakash Narayan, DS/SNATTA KGP- cum- CC/SNATTA WB, Mrs Sanyukta Chattopadhyay, DT/SNATTA KGP-cum- ACS/SNATTA WB, all JEs of KGP SSA  and JEs of ETR.

First of all the team SNATTA KGP led by Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha and Mr. Priyaranjan Kumar met with Hon’ble GMT/KGP SSA. Our CS/SNATTA WB wished her happy new year 2018 and then discussed about development of BSNL/WBTC and issues of JEs as rule -8 etc.

After that the meeting started and inauguration was done by Mrs Sanyukta Chattopadhyay and she introduced CS and VP to all the members were present. Mrs Anupama Jana, Mr Suman Uthasani and Mr. Pradip Sen ex-SNATTA members were also present.  Meeting was presided by Mr Pawan Kumar and Mr Jay Prakash Narayan. They discussed the issues of all JEs in KGP SSA and fund collection etc and the role of JEs in development of BSNL WBTC.

Mr. Priyaranjan kumar described in details about the CEC meeting and further plan for upcoming AIC.
Last, our CS elaborately described the achievement of SNATTA WB  and update on JTO LICE 2016-17 and 2017-18 notification, CEC meeting and upcominf AIC. Our CS then thanked to Mr. Jayprakash Narayan and Mrs Sanyukta Chattopadhyay for organizing the grand get together meeting.
SNATTA zindabaad!       JEs unity zindabaad !