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Saturday, February 24, 2018

SNATTA- Calcutta SSA Get together meeting held successfully on 23-02-2018

Get-together meeting of SNATTA-Calcutta SSA was organised enthusiastically on 23-02-2018.                    

First of all SNATTA-CAL SSA new body led by Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha/CS SNATTA WB met with Hon’ble GMT/CAL SSA. Our CS wished him a happy new year 2018 with flower bookey & our association calendar 2018 and then after we've had a fascinating and important discussions regarding development of BSNL-Cal SSA/WBTC along with some pending issues of JEs e.g. rule -8, new technology training,ID Card isuue,etc...

Hon'ble GMT appreciated the delegation team of SNATTA-CAL SSA  for this types of efforts & development issues that  are aimed to bring changes the situation of BSNL. 

After that the get -together meeting was organized at   Recreation club,3rd floor,Telephone bhawan,Kolkata -1.
Meeting started from 02:00 PM in the presence of Mr. Himanshu Shekher Jha, CS/SNATTA WB, Mr. Priya Ranjan Kr, VP/SNATTA WB, Mr.Vikash kr. Jaiswal,DS/SNATTA-CAL SSA cum ACS/SNATTA WB, Mr.Sumit kr, DP/SNATTA-CAL-SSA ,Mr.Chandra Shekhar Murmu, ADS/SNATTA-CAL SSA cum OS/SNATTA WB with all JEs of CAL SSA. Meeting was presided by Mr vikash Kr. Jaiswal,DS/SNATTA-Cal SSA with development issues.They discussed the issues of all JEs in CAL SSA and fund collection etc and the role of JEs in development of BSNL-Cal SSA/ WBTC. Mr. Priya Ranjan kumar described in details about the CEC meeting and further plan for upcoming AIC.

 Lastly, our CS elaborately described the achievement of SNATTA WB  and update on JTO LICE 2016-17 and 2017-18 notification, NEPP, CEC meeting and upcoming AIC. Our CS then thanked to everyone for attend the get together meeting.

SNATTA zindabad!       JEs unity zindabad !