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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

URGENT NOTICE: An important teleconference meeting regarding CEC discussion and upcoming AIC scheduled to be held on 16.02.2018 at 08:00 PM onward

Dear Executive members of SNATTA WBTC , It is hereby  requested to each and everyone to attend  an urgent teleconference meeting on 16th Feb,2018(Friday) regarding CEC Meeting held in New Delhi on 13th & 14th Jan'2018 and upcoming AIC of SNATTA  at 08:00 PM onward.

To attend the teleconference meeting, please call either Vikash Kumar Jaiswal Ji /ACS SNATTA WB (9475196647) or Abhishek Rana ji / Working President SNATTA WB (8967672693) or Priya Ranjan Kumar ji /VP SNATTA WB  (9475551800).

Thank you.

SNATTA zindabaad !                                                                        JE Unity zindabaad !