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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Teleconference meeting regarding CEC and upcoming AIC held on 16th Feb,2018 from 08:00 PM onward

Dear friends, a teleconference meeting was held on 16th Feb,2018 among the Circle Executive members of SNATTA WBTC from 08:00 pm onward. The meeting was inaugurated by Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad / CT- SNATTA WBTC.
The meeting was presided by Mr. Abhishek Rana / Working president - SNATTA WBTC. The main agendas of this meeting was to convey the outcomes of the CEC Meeting held on 13th & 14 th Jan,18 in New Delhi and upcoming AIC. 
Mr. Himanshu Shekhar Jha / CS -SNATTA WBTC, Mr. Gauri Shankar Prasad / CT- SNATTA WBTC, and Mr. Abhishek Rana /Working President - SNATTA WBTC  were nominated on behalf of SNATTA WBTC to be present in that meeting.
Our CS/SNATTA WBTC, Mr. Himanshu Shekhar Jha elaborately described the outcomes of CEC Meeting and the proposals, which were placed on behalf of SNATTA WBTC and he also discussed about future plan of action for upcoming AIC with proper concern of circle executive members . 
Priya Ranjan Kumar was nominated from SNATTA WBTC in CEC Meeting to include him in the adhoc coordination Committee formed in CEC Meeting.
Our beloved Priya Ranjan ji was successfully  elected on that body and he is working superbly to strengthening the stand of SNATTA WBTC in CHQ level.