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Sunday, February 18, 2018

SNATTA Malda SSA get together meeting held successfully on 15-02-2018

Get together meeting of SNATTA Malda SSA was held on 15-02-2018 at Malda Main Telephone Exchange from 04:00 pm onward.

Mr. Bireshwar ch. Mondal, Mr. Anupam chowdhary, Mr. Dipu Dey and Mr. Mrinmoy ji as Ex SNATTA members were present in the meeting.
All Ex SNATTA members elaborately explained about achievements of SNATTA. The meeting was systematically presided by Mr. Sina Bapi Mandal / DP-SNATTA Malda SSA, Mr.Saptarshi Mandal /DS-SNATTA Malda SSA described in detail about role of SNATTA and issues of SNATTA Malda SSA.

Almost all members of SNATTA Malda SSA participated enthusiastically in the meeting. The main points as fund collection, regarding circle conference already held at CTO building on 10th Nov, 2017 and upcoming AIC etc were discussed in the meeting.
SNATTA zindabaad !                                                         JE Unity zindabaad !